10 Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles 2016 for Women


 If  long hair or the boldness of short hair trends are not your  forte of comfort then the medium hairstyles 2016 for women are a call just for you to enjoy the best style options on heat. Standing out with a myriad of fresh ideas, the latest medium hair ideas and concepts are really meant to butter you up in every way possible.

Hunting down the best ideas for medium hairstyles 2016, we managed to dig out some mind blowing hair trends that work convincingly to accentuate the style factor of teenage girls and young adults. So, here’s what to consider on priority basis for the best pull off’s of the coming season with the middi-styles.

Tousled Razor Layers

A combo of the richness of hair shade and the perfect scheme of messy  and sharp concepts of hairstyling, this is one of the hottest razor layered  medium hairstyles 2016 for women which is peppery in outlook and  a great way to be perk up for any event or occasion. A simple center part gives a heavy and balanced look to the style which finishes off with fierce spiky inclines that rim out glamorously.

Tousled Medium Razor Layers

Medium Razor Layers Hairstyle

Sleek Angular Cuts

One of the most appealing modern medium hairstyles 2016 for women which has a great angle and length mashed up with the perfect settled texture that simply hugs up your structures adorably. Dark hair shades make this style an absolute stunner and emphasize on  the smooth flash of shine of luscious looking hair.

Womens 2016 Sleek Medium Hairstyles

Sleek Medium Bob Hairstyles

 Side Pinned Medium Boho Hairstyle

 For those blessed with thick hair, this is one of the easiest medium hairstyles 2016 for women that can get going a beaming and festive appeal in your personality. The use of light flaxen hair shades are what can enhance the enthrallment of this refreshing plump hair style which scores good credit even in blunt trim lines. This free-style boho look is an ideal summer hairstyle which can be a delightful  choice for women of every age and if you aim for a better look of the bohemian design, simply charm it up wit a floral headband or hair beads.

Medium Pinned Hairstyles 2016

Pinned Medium Hairstyle

Flaxen Messy Half Up Layers

The ideal way to smash up a young and beautiful  looks for girls is with the disheveled half pinned up layered haircut.  The light tone not only  dazzles up a facial glint  but also makes the mischievous toss about of the average light-weight layers a feisty play of locks  indeed attention drawing.

Messy Half Up Medium Layered Hairstyle

Messy Half Up Medium Layers

Golden Platinum Surf Curls

Giving you the care-free, spirited and jovial outlook of the beach waves, the striking golden platinum hair color can really make you edge out with a fantastic lure of the fashion. With trivial curly hair texture till mid length work on giving the lower measurement a slight more intensified spiral look to give a bouncy weight of charm that works as the thrill of the style.

Medium Hairstyle 2016 Surf Curls

Medium Surf Curls Hairstyle 2016

 Pigtail Pony with Sleek Side Bangs

A cute way for young girls to look chic and sporty the fashionable way, this is one of the popular medium hairstyles 2016 for women which  can cater to all semi formal and laid-back routines with its lively outlook.  For young girls it’s a fabulous school hairstyle  as well as a dashy prom hairstyle  that has the  tinge of the smartest trends looks in vogue.

Medium Pigtail Pony Hairstyle 2016

Medium Pigtail Pony Hairstyle

Average Sedu  Razor Tip Layers

 Giving the velvety charm of the sedu hairstyle an enhanced dose of appeal in terms of style, the razor lash-outs make  the easy hair design  a thrill to see and admire. For women with thick hair, it’s a  cool way to enjoy trend without much hassle of management.

 Medium Sedu Hairstyle 2016

Medium Sedu Hairstyle 2016

Upturned Messy Encrusted Bob

Never to run out of fame, you can always expect a new and classic version from the legendary bob haircuts. This time round, offering a flattering edition, the upturned messy layered bob seems to have been a thing favored  greatly.  It’s a great way to accentuate the charm of a long mane with  the creative uplifted look from the back and smashing front falling layers with a finishing front extension.  Keeping it loose and messy is just the way to add the difference.

Inverted Medium Bob Hairstyle 2016

Inverted Medium Bob Hairstyle 2016

 Loose Slight Winched Side Style with Parted Bangs

 Playing simply trend and charm, the feral hairstyles in the medium side styled hairstyles for women  seem to be loved for their least trouble of styling. Being a hip way to bridle up medium tresses the trick is to loosely and smartly  give the front bangs a sectioned impression while giving the mid-top hair a slight height. Pin the hoisting and tie the ponytail sideways. It gorgeously plays up natural hair and looks more interesting with fresh and cool light hair shades.

Medium Side  Hairstyle 2016

Medium Side Hairstyle

 Full Fringed Ponytails

A very gorgeous way to look stunning in medium hair is with the trend of the fierce full fringes. It gives women with a heart and broad face structure a classic embracing that conceals their broadness. Tying it up low at the mane and letting some side locks to tumble down with a  twist, it’s a catchy and chic hairstyle for girls to try out in dark hair colors.

Medium Hairstyles with full Fringe

Full Fringed Medium Ponytail Hairstyle

Mixed Medium 2016 Styles

No body’s gonna miss out on what they love to be even if it’s the bold style that tempt your fashion buds.

 Yes for the who like to be expressive in their own way, a groovy free-style look is what will  kick starts their personality  they way they love. Pair up a handful of solid hair trends; which in this case is a touch of the undercut side shaves, a crafty  roped style braid and a natural free-fall look on one side. Fuse in a rich and striking hair shade like a combo of  fresh blonde  with the luscious browns or a  stand-alone red.

 These face flattering medium hairstyles 2016 for women  are all the reasons to trim down to the ideal average measurement  that give you the best opportunity to flow in vogue with the fanciest of concepts. So, Want to hook up to the latest medium hairstyles 2016 for women stamped as the most flattering options to style average hair? Then what’s the delay?


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