5 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer


Changing the hair color has been embossed down as one of the hottest beauty trends these days and it tends to be very frustrating to see the shade fade away quickly.   Tinted hair needs extra care to render long lasting results and not everyone knows how to preserve that enriched texture.  Below are some tips that can be handy and effective in helping lock that affluent look of your new hair color.


Pairing up things that are compatible with each other is the best strategy to get maximum results no matter what. The use of shampoos and hair care products is an everyday ritual and the type of products you utilize can certain make or break your colored impression of the hair. For hair color to last longer, select hair products like shampoos that contain moisturizing agents , proteins and vitamins  which are formulated for a specific strategy of hair care and have essentials that keep intact the hair color and its flexibility by preventing the hair pigment from rinsing out during washing. They also effectively neutralize hydrogen peroxide which tends to lead to discoloring.

Hair Color


Your hair color will always last longer as long as you protect it from direct sun exposure and it would really be a silly hair care mistake to deliberately or out of ignorance . The sun is one of the most damaging factors when it comes to discoloring or graying effects of the hair and when chemically treated hair are exposed to direct sunlight for long durations, they become prone to its damaging effect even more and become volatile and  as a results lose the vibrant grace. You can keep your head covered the fashionable way with hats and fashion scarves while out on the streets  in the broad daylight.


To keep your hair color from fading away it is essential that you keep your hair away from chlorinated water like that in swimming pools because it very quickly washes out the hair color and also makes it comparatively harder to put on another dose. It is recommended that you first wet your hair with mineral water before allowing them to come in contact with chlorinated water  because that will dissolve the chlorine and prevents it from settling on the hair and fading away the color.


To retain  hair color always rinse the hair with luke warm water first and then use cold water. Refrain from using hot water because that damages the hair shafts and opens the cuticles which results in loss of the pigmented effect prematurely.


Always make certain to apply hair conditioner after shampooing because conditioning of the hair tends to makeup and treat the damage done during the hair color process. It is also ideal for retaining and locking in the moisture and burnish of the hair color to hang on to that beaming charm of enriched tinted hair.

Enjoy longer durations of colored effects! If you know of more we’d love to hear about it.





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