Bold Celebrity Fashion Dress Styles


Bold celebrity fashion trends 2014 have been the focus of media and public attention in the current times on account of the daring dress style of the stars which flaunt sheer exposure through designs that are absolutely mind blowing. For formal events they are definitely  a must to own. Some of the top bold celebrity fashion dress styles that have been trending in the celebrity style and fashion have been mentioned below.

Semi nude dresses are some of the highlights when it comes to the bold celebrity fashion dress styles 2014. Having nude fabric serve as the illusive base for an apparently exposing look, there is a great touch of glitter and glamour through heavy works of patterned metallic sequins. They have been the show stoppers of the latest celebrity style at the red carpet events which have creative transparent material serving as a bold fashion fad that has no other work than to allure and draw in attention.

Bold Celebrity Fashion

Bold Celebrity Fashion Net dresses

These  have been the gorgeously seductive Bold celebrity fashion dress styles which have put on display smart  and artistic mermaid, trumpet and trailing formal gowns while also offering  good exposure of bodies. Many bold fashion celebrity styles in the net variety have small and large net holes, to cater to the convenience of exposure the star can attempt to flaunt.

Bold Celebrity Fashion Style

Racy cleavage in the halter neck designs offer a glamorously seductive look in the formal celebrity styles in the short and long gown designs.  The deep and sharp neckline along with a loose and exposing side look gives the stars a hot and sexy look which in the sizzling shades such as red leave no stone unturned for being one of the best.

Illusion necklines are the bold celebrity fashion dresses which give sheer glimpses of the bust through the transparency of fabric while also giving a view of glittering sparkle due to the light lustrous fancy material. Wearing short under garments is one way to put the style in the forefront of bold fashion looks.

Bold Celebrity Fashion Trend

Deep cowl neck gowns with thin straps are some of the most refined designer styles for celebrities which flaunt a curvy top look that has a fitted waist and a backless or mid waist designing at the back. The A line  , drop down and trailing styles are sensationally appealing especially on account of the rich shiny and elastic  fabric.

Corset dresses are the ultimate styles in the bold celebrity fashion trends which gives  a figure defining look to the stars with the raised bust support. The latest bold trends in celebrity fashion have now a fusion of the corset top with sheer fabrics to make it more seductively daring.

High Thigh slit – when you’re looking for a seductive charm, then the high thigh slit styles in the strapless, halter and short sleeve dresses have been the star’s favorite in public appearances. The exposed long leg is indeed something that keeps the attention directed towards it.

Backless dresses in the long celebrity styles in gowns offers a catchy bare look from the back till lower spine and is a classic way to grab that attention at the awards or public appearances. It’s not just about the exposure through these bold celebrity fashion dresses that is a cause of their popularity but also of the retaining of the elegance of feminine appeal.


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