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Wanting to go for a bombshell personality like the celebrities and have all the reasons to be noticed and admired? Well who wouldn’t love to have that perfect makeover and be the show stopper in gatherings. In fact it’s really no big ordeal as it’s just a matter of impersonating and emulating a few major transforming tits and bits of Celebrity style Ideas and add a bit of confidence and attitude to go along with it and there you have it… your done for your star like look.  So, here’s how and the areas to work on:


When it comes to emulating star personalities, then it’s not only the attires that work wonders but the confidence and grace of attitude as well. So nip your hesitation and shyness in the bud because the latest star world is all about going bold and explosive be it hairstyles, attires or beauty looks.  Though you don’t have to go to that level of boldness, it basically implies that muster up the courage to take new and refreshing ideas which may be quite contradicting to your earlier and simple taste of shades, clothes and attitude. Bring in the tinge of willingness; which is the edifice of bringing about a transformed look.


Yes, the hairstyle is the prime factor of change which will instantly redefine your whole personality and mark that brewing urge for a star look. Shunning aside the simple hairstyle is one of the commonly practiced celebrity style ideas which you may have seen Miley Cyrus, Jessica Alba, Rihanna and so many other stars set an example of. Though you don’t necessarily have to go completely cropped and short, the theme and punch line of the whole idea is to go for trends in hair fashion like latest cuts of razor, choppy, sleek – no matter what your hair length, let creativity be a part and parcel of your crowning glory.etc

Style Ideas


walk your way to stardom- Your shoes can make or break your whole image and when it’s about the celebrity style ideas, it’s very essential to pin down the right shoe style for the right type of attire. When you’re up for a formal getup, then its high heels that offer that elegant body stance which in itself is a factor of appeal in the personality. For your causal sprees,   a perfect pair of classy flat sandals like the gladiator sandal styles or perhaps the fashion boots in the slouchy and strapped designs tend to be the most compatible footwear with short shorts, denim jeans, maxi dresses and frock styles.


The latest celebrity fashion trends have laid it plain and simple – fitted and figure defining fashion outfits are the call of the hour. So leave aside your baggy, draped and loose trends of the past year and fit into something that will play up your assets and fall along your body curves to render a slim and smart look which is perky and up-to-date. The red carpet modern celebrity dresses are the perfect guide to knowing how in what ways you carry a fitted and gorgeously sensational look.


You may have seen the leading ladies of styles shine out with their glamorous dresses but that’s where they tend to limit  and bridle anything that can over-do it. Limited; yet quality accessories are the celebrity style ideas for a balanced and catchy personality. Go for metallic bracelets or maybe a vintage watch which can give your bare arms something worth the attention without making you end up like a stall on display if you have too much on you.


There are two major beauty looks ruling the arena of the celebrity fashion trends. One is the bold and the beautiful look with vibrant hues like red and tropical orange and the other is that of the organic lipsticks for a sober yet rich and classy look. Simply decide what type of personality defining beauty looks suit your taste and desire and go for it.

The above mentioned guidelines of celebrity style ideas are the prime areas to work on and to adopt for a graceful personality that is rousing at all hours.


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