Top 10 Fresh Spring Beauty Trends 2015


For ladies the we have the hottest spring beauty trends 2015 offering fresh exquisiteness to  feminine beauty straight from the runway fashion inclines.

With so much going on  every second, it is simply witnessing some awe inspiring fashion trends simply being thrown out on sale to enjoy some of the most edgy and catchy trends of the hour. Below are some of the top new ways to charm up your looks this summer with the most recent and fresh collection of the summer/ spring beauty trends 2015  beauty package; ever-alluring and exciting  to unfold.

Latest Spring Beauty Trends 2015

1.Brow Piercing

No pains no Gains! The very idea of full brow piercing tends to run chills down the spine. Ouch!  But yes, this is one of the Spring Beauty Trends 2015 that has geared to the forefront this season. It will surely appeal to those who deem the art of body piercing as fashionably divine. This time round forget about the trouble of trimming and keeping your brows perfect because brow piercing will definitely overwhelm them with their metallic ringlet attachments tracing out on full length. It’s a bold stunt of beauty that will earn you a great deal of attention all in a hip manner.

New Spring Beauty Trends 2015

2.Scrunchy Braids

When it’ about the top Spring Beauty trends 2015, then your hairstyle has quite a say in not only beautifying you but also in rocking up a seasonal impression that highlights what all the rage is about.  For girls it’s simply the season to grow their hair to full lengths and enjoy the feisty and cheery grace of the messy mid-waist braids. With swaying cascading strands of hair, you can doll up your summer look with the latest cropped fashion hats that seem all the more catchy with these lively braided hairstyles 2015 gushing out laid-back flyways . Nail the perfect scheme of  hair colors and play up a peek-a-boo effect which in the creatively twined outlook of the braids work wonders to make you looks fascinatingly beautiful.

2015 Spring Hair Beauty Trends

3.The Fresh Bare Skin

Ok now here’s one of the Spring Beauty trends 2015 that is surely to be welcome by women. Lessening the effort to look gorgeous and cutting down on your party prep time for parties and other formal events,  going out with your natural  look without a dose of foundation to cover up all those freckles and pigmentation is simply not needed. This minimal look of limited to no-makeup is what will be the talk of the hour.

So Yes ladies, let your natural skin be the highlighting feature of beauty and flaunt away your bare fresh skin with just a regular facial and skin care treatments to keep alive the radiance of the natural skin tone. However; don’t keep it too simple, if the makeup demand is low then work on your hairstyle by adding the special highlights of the season like the bayalage sunshine streaks. They will enhance the facial radiance of the bare skin all the more and also give the onlookers something to admire about your stealthy simple look.

Beauty Trends for Spring 2015

4.Electrifying Highlights

Just when you thought the latest package of fashion   was all about being soft and sweet with natural looks being the trend of the hour, the exciting way to look  cool this summer is to go for electrifying highlights. No, we are not talking about the typical blondes and browns; but of a much more thrilling stock of hair shades like Acid-orange, minty pastels and the  electrifying blues that zing up a look so dominating and powerfully beautiful. These special highlight trends tend to go superbly with the natural look all the rage.

5.Low Maintenance Styles

This season is simply about being beautiful the natural way.  Just let the inherent hair texture and a good long length plunge down and sway about in their natural volume and density and consider yourself trendy. It’s one of the simplest Spring Beauty trends 2015 of the year which balances up your overall look with the romantic fashion trends that are lively and blazing with hot shades and flaring outlooks.

Best Spring Beauty Trends 2015

6.Luscious Stained Lips

Persuasion of color can make your lips simply worth kissing with an inviting look that is luscious and deliberately full around the edges and maybe in between. Yes, with a matted full format of lipstick splash  on a glossy touch of rich and glossy cherry rich lipstick paint of a comparatively darker tone than the lipstick to make it flaunt away a stained impact. It may sound weird but looks classy. So for girls, this season, you know how to go beautiful the supersaturated way.

7.Fancy Hair Pieces

See creativity at its best go live and steaming with the influx of the latest crafty package of hair pieces that are here to charm up your hairstyles in a very lively manner. Highly unique and  appealing you will find  some new editions of  adornments with  splash of paints,  leather and  cardboard cuttings, eccentric materials and items to form up collaged hair pieces which definitely draw the attention for the innovative  view.

2015 Beauty Trends for Hair

8.Exaggerated Eye Liners

Give a loud and bold beauty statement to your looks with the graphic technique of eyeliners using vibrant shades that can run simple or have a tangy touch of splash effects. Either fully line the parameter of the eyes of gibe a slight  short length line on the lower eye liners, pair it up with the same colored polished looks of the nails and you’re all set to go voguish.  Loud shades like white, electric blue, black, red and tropical exotics are what the play is about so choose the one that will make you stand out.

2015 Spring Beauty Trends

 9.Face Embellishing

Getting down to being beautiful the fun way,  the trend of painting or glittering up the face with inspired stickers is a great way to pattern out a cool design under the eyes and on the cheeks. Though not a good theme for mature women to follow; yet for girls, it’s a cool way of earning some fashion credits.

Latest Spring Beauty Trends 2015

10.Wet Looks

Work on your sex appeal with the wet and seductive look of hairstyles- at least that’s what the new Spring beauty trends 2015 emphasize on. It not only bridles you undomesticated look of frizzy hair but gets down to business in carrying looks that give you a straight out-of-beach wet look that carries weight and grace of beauty you may craze for.  Be it any hair length, the classic ways to effortlessly bind your hair are the  neat wet bun, the mermaid twists, finger waves or just the simple straight wet strands. Add some tropical shades of lipsticks and have an intense dark look of beautiful made all the more radiant with colorful lips.

Spring Beauty Trends 2015

A good change from the passing year’s picks and trend, pick your spring beauty trends 2015 for the new season now.


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