Dry Skin Brushing


Dry skin brushing may seem a new term to many of us because it’s not something so commonly done by everyone in their beauty regimen.  For those who are new to the term, it basically is the use of a special brush that is used to scrape off and whisk away dry skin cellulite which can cause dark and rough skin patches- a very common problem with majority people who tend to be ignorant towards their skin health and charm.

The technical way of doing dry skin brushing 100% right is just before wetting yourself when going for a bath without letting the brush get wet. There are some directions of brushing for each part of the body which tend to be effective in whisking away the dry skin without leaving any abrasions, irritation or redness. For your legs, always start from ankle length and move upwards while for the full arms start from the upper arm area. For your stomach do the brushing in circular motion with care of not applying too much pressure because the bristles of the brush can break and cause skin inflammation. There are normal styled brushes along with electric brushes for this purpose and you can use any for some great skin results.

Dry Skin Brushing


Dry skin brushing is one of then very useful and effective skin care efforts which tends to offer so many skin results that work wonders in displaying better health and grace of the body and also put a wedge into the emanation of other skin issues. Some of the advantages which tend to make one want to take up this ordeal are:

  •  It scrapes off dry and dead skin and reveals fresher and cleaner layer as a result of which it allows the skin to breathe and function better.
  •  It opens up skin pores and clears away clogged sebum, dirt and debris and provides a clean state of the skin to give you a clear and flawless looking skin absolutely acne and pimple-free.
  • Dry skin brushing initiates cell regeneration and increases blood circulation which make you look younger with a better and plump complexion.
  • It is one of the best ways to get tight and firm skin.
  • You can fight away the rough and tough dry skin patches on the ankles, knees and elbows and boast a fabulously smooth and clean look because dry skin brushing is very effective in clearing away the discolored layers of skin.
  • Though you rub the brush on the skin from the outside, it tends to have impact internally as well by stimulating the lymphatic system in the increased secretion of lymph which tends to drain out body toxins. As a result the digestive and kidney functionality is boosted.
  • It tends to eradicate traces of coarse skin and gives you smooth and soft skin texture.

The above  advantages of dry skin brushing definitely inspire you to take up this skin care effort because it can very economically and effectively give you stunning skin results for a  flawless looking you.


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