Exciting New Bob Hairstyles 2016 for Women


New bob hairstyles 2016 have every reason to make you fall in love with yourself all over again with their fervent approach in styling. From the straight short graduates to perkier and more serrated styles, there are heaps and heaps of new entries from the bob series to get you engaged with some of the hottest hair fashion trends on record for women.

The question once again is, why wouldn’t we be the loving the new bob hairstyles 2016; after all, they have since decades been the trend setting choices for women. So what’s in store this time? Indeed you can rest assure of relishing maximum allure of the mighty medium, long and  short bob haircuts yet again with brewing ideas that make them all the more irresistible.

Best New Bob Hairstyles 2016 Trends

Since a hairstyle is very significant when it comes to analyzing an attractive style statement, therefore, we need to be very selective about what we go for. For the new spell too, you will definitely find one delectably fresh version to pair up with the seasonal trend of the hour. In the latest list of new bob hairstyles 2016 we have grilled down thriller picks of short hair fashion re-styled the bob way.

Elongated Front Step-Cut Bob

Just when we wanted to enjoy something fresh and unique in styling, we seem to have one of the greatest ways to pull off a classic and innovative concept for our bob in medium length hair.

Step Cut Bob hairstyles 2016

Step Cut Bob hairstyles 2016

The twist of design traces the concept of the step cutting; yet this time we focus on the drama at the front. Featuring 1-2 inches added length to hair strands just till the ear length and .keeping the rest of the length skimming the shoulders, you have a gorgeous new medium style to

 Wet & Sexy Bob Shags

Wet Bob hairstyles 2016

Wet Bob hairstyles 2016

Amplifying the grace of a simple and natural look, a bit of the wet touch certainly gets going a sexy look for women. The shaggy bob layers with their flirty charm mixed with the damp look and front flounced fringes surely look very chic and hot for women in their teens and mid ages.

Vague & Fake

Styling is all the more enjoyable when you’re not bound to any sort of restriction. That’s exactly the free hand with one of the hottest new bob hairstyles 2016 that allows you to take up a casually smart and loose tie up of the legendry bob with dashy cascades random spurting.

 This trend has been a favorite choice of celebrities as well as street fashion lovers who like to steam their looks with the magic of creative careless strands uniquely and distinctively let loose. It is simply tying up your medium wavy or curly bob hairstyles 2016 in a rough and laid up bun or updo.

Long Swing Bobs with Swept Bangs

On the pallet of the most flattering options for women with thick healthy hair, we have from one great new bob hairstyle 2016 rounded up for a hair design which is all about the charm and grace of your inherent hair texture.

Curly Bob hairstyles 2016

Curly Bob hairstyles 2016

Giving a bulky and encrusted pattern of styling, a sleek hair texture works superbly with this gorgeous easy-to-handle bob.  Simply get an elongated asymmetric cut and give that a semi loose helix impression that gorgeously flaunts away immense creativity on the one side while the other can be simple and short. For an added element of freshness, sweep the front cutting / bangs towards the side carrying the a-line extension. Light hair shades such as the blondes and light delicious shades of brown are ideal to highlight the  immense fascination of the concept.

Cherry Cola Highlights

Colors, colors and more colors! That’s the strategy of the new bob hairstyles to make the fresh entries all the more exciting for the ladies out there. Giving a tough competition to the trend of the ombre and caramel highlights, cherry cola seems to be the new thrill of the season absolutely a classic combo to with blonde hair shades.

Highlighted Bob Hairstyles 2016

Cherry Cola Highlighted Bob Hairstyles 2016

Making use of them in the wavy and curly styled impressions, you can reveal the best of your taste with a jolly play of contrasting strands of hair that playfully build up hair volume.

                                                                                                                  (Read More on Caramel Highlights)

Arched Layered A-Lines

 You may be thinking it’s the same concept dwelling over and over again… but no! We have a twist in style for you for this haircut this time round. With a double step cut the layered, each step sectioned in multiple parts from the tips which are given a slight arched effect. The effect? A mind blowing look carrying a slight dent between each section making the curly tip all the more the thrill of the style.

To add up some more interest, the use of ethereal streaks  just makes it so much more edgy and unique.

Front Flounced Short Graduate

 Simplicity and creativity packaged together!

Graduated Bob hairstyles 2016

Graduated Bob hairstyles 2016

The short ear length bob hairstyles have been one of the top favorites of young girls with its meek and cute look. A simple part or roll up behind the ear has been the popular ways to go about this not-so-long style but a fresh new way to boost its  charm is to have finger-wave flounced  fronts.  Simply select out a selection of hair from one side and creatively surf it high towards the other side.

Half up Back Knot Bob

Half up Bob hairstyles 2016

Half up Bob hairstyles 2016

 Variation of styling is the heart and soul of women’s new bob hairstyles 2016 and giving you yet another great smart look is the half up bob. How to style it? With just a minor yet creative tie up of the top half hair of your bob, you’re all set to kick start a trend  so stylish for short length bob haircuts.

Eerie Pastel Bob Hairstyles 2016

This is one of the latest bob hairstyles 2016 which gives you an updated way to carry your   medium-short bob haircut accompanied by a fabulous pair up with bold fantasy hair color arrangement.

ob hairstyles 2016 Colored

Colored Bob Hairstyles 2016

Giving the rich and tangy strong hair shades a break, the use of pastel; light hair colors like mint, lilac, chalk shades etc, the impact of outlook is really dreamy and refreshing.

Feather Mushroom

Feather Bob hairstyles 2016

Feather Bob hairstyles 2016

 Mature women will surely love the grace and elegance of this modern inspired short hairstyle as a cool option for their professional look at work. Having a top bulky and exciting disparity of short layers swept sideways and bearing a tapered or conical, the overall outlook is unique and fascinating. The use of fresh and light hair colors such as the ash white and golden platinum blondes run ideal for this dazzling face embracing haircut.

Wispy & Shagged

Shaggy Bob hairstyles 2016

Fringed Shaggy Bob hairstyles 2016

Reminding us of the popular trend of the shallow waves, the full fringed wispy new bob hairstyles 2016 is a celebrity endorsed bob hair cut that gives away the charming glimpse of the late 70’s. A cute and adorable way to style even fine hair, this cut works on the charm of light natural hair shades.

Sedu Lob

Straight Bob hairstyles 2016

Straight Bob hairstyles 2016

As one of the popular leads of short-medium hair fashion in this passing year, the lob cut continues to be a top choice in the latest new bob hairstyles 2016. However; the light change of mode is opting for the sedu hair texture that weighs downs the hair perfectly and neatly along the sides. You can aim for a more creative look by going for a fancy hair parting like the zigzag or cross-over.

Dirty Matt Textures

Blonde Bob hairstyles 2016

Matt Textured Bob hairstyle 2016

Sexy, cool and an absolute summer blast for women, the dirty matt textures of blonde with sporadic traces of dark contrasting tones get going a look that is simply worth kissing. As a classy street fashion look, you can crump up some heaves or let the coarse look sway about in the natural medium of texture and this idea works for any type of bob hairstyle you opt for.

 With so many bolder and more fanatical  list of new bob hairstyles 2016, these were a handful of the most exciting ideas and styles for women wanting to go the bob way. See what fits your need of style!



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