Exercises for Breast Enlargement


The grace of feminine beauty is undeniably her breast size; which is often underdeveloped in many females and often flaunts a flat look which leads to their inferiority complex that may cause them a little bit of embarrassment.  Breast enlargement takes place till the age of 18-20 years and  those who have a small breast size  can work they way to a better and noticeable size with some effective exercises.

Though the latest surgery treatments are safer than before, yet why suffer the pain and the hefty expenses when you can do some simple exercises for breast enlargement and increase your bust size up to one or two cups. The basic aim is to do workout exercises that build up the pectoral muscles in the chest. Along with these breast enlargement exercises, a proper and healthy diet is also vital to endorse the development. Here are some of the result-oriented exercised to increase breast size in females.

Food for Breast Enlargement


Push ups  are some of the best breast enlargement exercises that actually lead to an increase in breast size by building up muscles in the chest.

  • Lie on your stomach and place your elbows till shoulder height by placing your palms flat against the ground
  •  Exert and push yourself up and  try to retain a straight t body alignment then slowly go down again keeping yourself slightly above the ground.
  • Repeat this breast enlargement exercise  for up to three sets of five minutes on daily routine and see the difference in the breast size  after a month’s practice.


Weight holding

This is one of the very simple yet effective breast enlargement exercises that plays a crucial role in increasing breast size.

  •  Hold 5 lb weight in both your hands and allow your arms to hang by your sides and keep your body posture straight; especially the back.
  • Lift the weights in an outward manner, then hold and balance the weight when they come in alignment with the shoulder length.
  •  Stay in the state of equilibrium for upto 10-15 seconds and then return to the initial position.
  •  Repeat this breast enlargement exercise daily in three sets of five repetitions.

Breast Enlargement Exercise

Lying on the back with weight

this breast enlargement exercise is a bit similar to the one mentioned above but is a bit more exerting because of the position of lying down. The results are however, more effective as the more the pressure the more the muscle build up that lead to a better breast size.

  • Lie down on a bench with your back straight against it. Hold 5 lb weight in both hands and pace your arms parallel to your shoulders.
  • Lift the weight in both hands upwards till your arms come close and parallel to one another.
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds and then revert to the initial relaxed state.
  • Repeat this up to ten times daily.    

Arm rotations

Another very simple and effective breast enlargement exercise that leads to a considerable increase in breast size, it’s something women with a flat chest must try.

  • Hold both your arms out till they are in alignment with shoulder height.
  • Initially rotate one arm in circular motion at least 20 times then repeat with the other.
  •  After doing spate rotations of both the arms, attempt on rotating both arms in circular motions while retaining that shoulder height.
  • Exercise for Breast Enlargement

Chest contractions

This is a quick and fast breast enlargement exercise which is very simple and easy and tends to apply a lot of pressure on the chest muscles which with repeated  practice lead to muscle development.

  • Stand with your legs parted till shoulder alignment.
  • Hold a towel in your hands and hold from both ends.
  •  Pull it from both ends and make quick short chest contractions by taking short deep breaths with keeping your yourself in the exerted state of pulling from both ends.



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