Anti wrinkle Face Yoga Exercises


Troubled by wrinkles and fine lines? Well why always go the hefty way with products and treatments when you can easily slow down the signs of aging the quick way with a regular few minutes of Anti wrinkle face yoga exercises.

Yes, that’s absolutely right! A daily dose of Anti wrinkle face yoga exercises can tighten up your facial skin without much exertion and offer you freedom from wrinkles on various parts of the body like the around the eyes, mouth, neck and forehead.

Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga ExerciseThe world of yoga is simply magical for the enhancement and efficiency of the human body and it comes in handy as a safe and reliable alternate to painful methods like injectable fillers, chemical peeling and Botox for those who wish to treat their wrinkles right at home. So, if you want to naturally enjoy looking young and fresh here are some very effective anti wrinkle face yoga exercises which relaxingly smooth out the lines and add a difference that is noticeable.

Here is a stepwise guide to what you should do daily.

Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga Exercises for Forehead

 The forehead is one of the prominent face parts that quickly gives away your aging years. To relax up and level out your scrunched skin on the forehead, the anti wrinkle face yoga exercises used basically focus on the principles of acupressure that diminishes the wrinkles by removing away muscular tension in the region. Following are the steps to follow:

Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga Exercise for Forehead

  • With both your hands make a fist and place them on the center part forehead in such a manner that you’re your index and middle finger touch the forehead.
  • Apply slight pressure and slide both the fists in opposite directions till the temples.
  • Apply slight pressure with your knuckles at the temples for a while and repeat this 5-6 times.
  • Ensure to take deep breathes as you do the exercise as that will boost the relaxation effect more.

Neck Lift Yoga Exercises

 When it’s about wrinkles on the neck, the major concerns are a hanging skin, deep lines and a horrid looking double chin in many cases.  Anti wrinkle face yoga exercises for the neck tend to curtail and prevent all these disasters by tightening the skin around and in-between the neck and jaw line so that it gives an overall firm effect to the whole area for a perfect uplift to the loose skin.  Here are the instructions to follow:

Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga Exercise for Neck

  • Form a pout with your lips tightly so that as required it tends to pulls forth the skin from the cheek bones till the jaw and lips.
  • Pucker your lips forward and sweep the whole face towards one side while moving your head in that direction at the same time.
  • Raise your head at an angle of about 45 degrees and Keep in position for a few seconds so that it gives you a stretched feeling in the neck region.
  • repeat the same on the other side and continue these simple anti wrinkle face yoga exercises 5-6 times so that the firmness of the skin takes effect on all the concerning regions ( cheeks, chin and neck).

Face Lift Yoga

 From the handful of anti wrinkle face yoga exercises, this one tends to work effectively for the eyes and lips with vertical workouts.

Anti Wrinkle Face Yoga Exercise for Face

  • Place the palms of your hands securely and softly in the temple region on both sides and firmly apply pressure and lift the skin with your palms upwards and backwards.
  • At the same time make a circular pose with your lips and allow your jaw line to drop down as much as you can and keep in this position for about 5 seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat 3-4 times. The overall effect will initiate better blood circulation and development around the eyes and lips through this stretched routine and will also cause some firming around the chin and jaw line.

Making a habit of doing these above mentioned anti wrinkles face yoga exercises helps you look younger and beautiful for much much longer. Happy wrinkle free-looks!


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