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If only looks accounted for a rousing personality that inspires others, then the fashion industry might probably be out of demand. When it comes to a sensationally appealing persona in terms of fashion and style; then it all comes down to not only your taste and hefty spending  on fashion items and clothes but rather the perfect combinations of attire and attitude that can really play up your image. For men,  retaining a classy and cool individuality is probably one of their greatest ordeal in life and since not everyone is blessed with the natural talent to rock up a stunning personality; a handful of tips of the do’s & don’ts  of style tips can be pretty helpful.

·        INVIGORATING HAIRSTYLE: change is the spice of life and  Shunning away the monotonous look of the persona is probably one of the greatest Fashion and style tips for men to go for as it scrapes away what has become their trademark look- here we are talking about  focusing on things that are instantly noticed with the slightest change- Yes, the hairstyles. Whatever; style you have been carrying up till now on- drop the very idea of it and move on to considering a style that can invigorate a tinge of freshness in your persona. The latest decent versions of  short and medium funky, sleek, streaked hairstyles are the directions to turn to as they can cater to your casual and formal needs.



       Different sizes in clothes are up in the market for a reason and their proper selection  is one of the essential traits of fashion and style development. Trying to fit in extra short clothes to show off your abs and muscular body or wearing loose clothes are both ways that lead you in the opposite direction of style appeal in terms of fashion. Clothes of the perfect size in line with your physique are what you must go for as they render you a picture perfect look which evinces you identity and makes you be ‘you’. this is one of the best style tips for men to know what complements them perfectly.

·         SHOES:  They are the alarming cases with majority men when it comes to their fashion habits. A fabulously groomed image disheartens the onlooker to see a horrible pair of shoes paired up with stunning attire. Open and extra casual styles should be burnt at sight. Run along with trend and reshuffle the wardrobe with a limited yet classy pair of shoes such as suede , fashion boots, latest printed sneakers  and maybe a English man boot which all together cater to your innumerable semi formal and formal needs.

·         LIMITED ACCESSORIZING: the biggest Fashion and style blunder many men make in order to show off how many trendy things they have is by putting them on display by wearing just too many. This is where it all goes wrong. Adhering to a limited use of accessories is a highly graceful touch to your overall look, a good inspiration can be of Brad Pitt, who uses limited; yet quality accessories.  fashion stylists recommend this as one of the tricky yet worth focusing style tips that charm up the look in a restrained yet forceful way.

·         ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOR always determines what you really are; be it eating; your personal sphere of life or your social circle. An over frank, non-serious and careless attitude and behavior are personality-killing traits which label you nothing but as a ‘ joker’ behind your back. since you want to be known for your class and standard; retain your appeal through humor but to an extent which earns you respect and makes others really want to hear you out.  Talking of attitude and behavior in fashion and style; the getup you take up should be governed by an attitude that goes along with it- it simply attracts.

·         BODY STANCE: Fashion and style are not only governed by the trending clothes, accessories, shoes and hairstyles. No matter how up-to-the-minute, classy or unique they might be; all your financial investment can go down the drain if you let a hunched, bent  and sloppy posture be your trademark. It leaves no scope of attraction at all. Have erectness in stance , keep the head held high with shoulders aligned to push out your manly chest and last but not the least; don’t walk with parted or distorted legs. So work on your body stance as it greatly contributes to your overall look.

·         SILVER ACCESSORIES are the secret  charms in men’s Fashion and style menu which perhaps many men are not aware of. This metallic shade is the most striking and graceful shade that complements a masculine personality which keeps there accessorized look graceful and appealing; rather than the multi-shaded and wacky colors that make you seem immature. From key chains to cuff links, watches and rings- silver and metallic shades are the best options that enhance the appeal of your casual jeans to formal suit attires.


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