Funky Streaked Hairstyles for Boys


The smartest looks you could possibly induct into your hairstyles today are with a textured dose of color  which has given a myriad of stunning style impressions to the modern short streaked  hairstyles. Since the options for men are always less than that of women; therefore, trends in short haircuts like that of streaked hairstyles tend to be highly appropriate for them to simmer grace of looks with different color combinations which are catchy and cool.

For boys the streaked hairstyles 2014 for men are some of the new styles to definitely consider on account of the diverse modern looks that have been invested in  to them.  For a modish street style fashion trend, these modern short styles are definitely high scoring styles for young teenager boys and the punch line is to opt for the classiest color combinations which are instantly conspicuous.

Funky Hairstyle

The term ‘ funky’ has been given a wider and more decent outlook by giving them touch of styling that makes them apposite even for formal get ups and occasions. The sleek funky streaked hairstyles 2014 for men are a good option for boys who want to carry a well honed image that seems perfectly trimmed and colored. The tapered and asymmetrical cut are  other awesome styles that complement the young and youthful age of boys. Funky streaked hairstyles 2014  for men have greater appeal than  last fashion year’s looks on account of the change of inclinations of cutting techniques. The undercut short haircuts are all the rage in short hairstyles 2014 which have given a greater ferocity of appeal to these styles in the cropped under shave length having greater hair length on top.

Carrying the top hair in a disheveled manner is one way to score impressive style points  and these hairstyles are absolutely hassle free for boys because the messier the look ; the trendier it is. Asymmetrical and long front extensions can be another way to run parallel to the hottest looks in the short haircuts which indeed are the unsurpassed modern short styles for men.

Funky Streaked Hairstyles for Boys– re seeking modern looks in the funky cutting then the choppy funky streaked hairstyle 2014 have a very edgy tinge of appeal that could meet the demand of boys for looking extra cool in gatherings. This type of style can have the porcupine and emo hairstyles 2014 for men as some of the best styles which may make use of double or multi shades  to simmer up a groovy impression like that seen in emo and gothic hairstyles .

Latest hair trends of the modern short styles on fashion ramps have clearly stamped the normal hair texture as a top look in hairstyling and your can certainly hone that to greater vistas of style tampering. For boys with thin hair these funky streaked hairstyles  are a great way to cast aside the inferiority complex with styles such as the trimmed undercuts, close shaved and edgy uneven cuttings. The more effort you invest; the trendier is the outcome of the modern short styles. So let these funky streaked hairstyles be some of the praising features of your personality.



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