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For all the beauty hungry damsels out there, it’s time to welcome and add a new time-saving skin care product to your kit. Micellar water is a fantastic solution that gently entraps skin impurities and cleanses out the skin in a manner that leaves it fresh and squeaky clean without damaging or scarping your it.

It’s a single product that can replace many of your cosmetic products and cut down on your expenses. So, what are you waiting for? It comes in many flavors like of fruits, flowers etc. Get micellar water right now for a beaming look of natural beauty truly irresistible.

Micellar water for skin care

Micellar Water for Skin Care

Skin care endeavors are some of the common routines on daily basis and without any defiance, it’s not wrong to say that men and women alike are thronging the market for products that can boost their natural looks. So, ending your hunt for the best products out in the market that can actually help to perk up your natural looks without any side effects- micellar water is what to get your hands on.

What is Micellar Water?

Most of may not be familiar with what micellar water is. It basically roots from a French trend that was initially used to provide women with an alternative to hard water for facial purposes. Lately it has become all the hype in the most recent thrills of skin care routines secretly used even by celebrities for their flaring looks.

It pretty much looks like plain water but actually contains little oil molecules with the ability to tag along all menacing impurities on the skin to purify it and charm up the complexion. Apart from that it can also act as the perfect makeup remover for women on the rush or engaged in regular beauty experiments.

How Micellar Water Works

The magic effects rendered by this potion simply come down to the deep reach cleansing action of small molecules known as ‘ micelles’. According to expert dermatologists, they are nano-sized particles of single fatty layered bubbles that have the innate ability to absorb and attach to sebum, oil and dirt particles present and entrapped in the skin layers and pores.

Not only do they absorb them but also dissolve in them to provide a better and more cleansed result than other ordinary cleansers out in the market. Hence, it is a great boon for skin care.

The notion of using micellar water works on using a lipid to cleanse the skin spick and span.

  • Simply dab/ dip a cotton ball in micellar water and wipe your face with this refreshing tonic

It tends to vary from other cleansing products which need to be applied and then washed off after use- but this doesn’t! Certain fruity extracts that are added to make it more than just a cleanser, tend to moisturize the skin so that it remains supple and soft.

For more effective skin purifying results, some micellar waters contain have light surfactants to offer stronger and more satisfying outcomes.

Advantages of Micellar Water

Some of the desirable results that will tempt you to put micellar water in to practice include the following:

The perfect cleanser – there is no other product that is going to give better cleanisng effects than this solution. Proviing you the base of a natural charm, it also minimizes the risk of other menacing skin problems that can undermine the facial appeal.

Makeup removal–   Micellar water is a time saving product that can easily removes even stubborn waterproof makeup with its oil-attract properties. So, for women on the rush and busy routines, this is a must-to-own liquid for all seasons that can help them refresh their looks within no time at all.

Hydrates skin – being alcohol and oil free, micellar water is gentle on the skin and does not dry it out. Rather it leaves behind not only a clean looking skin but also a hydrated, soft and nourished texture.

Skin Clarity – impurities are some of the major causes of facial breakouts like, acne, pimples and marks and since micellar water is a miraculous product that gives you squeaky clean skin and the chances of blemishes, spots, discoloring etc are minimized to the least possible risk. Regular use guarantees a clear and spotless face.

Ideal for all skin textures– no matter what you skin type, micellar water gives the same results on account of its mild deep reach action. So for those men and women who have a reactive skin and often find cleansing/ rubbing or washing of the face a arduous thing, this is the product to buy from the market.

Micellar water is your key skin care item to book this very moment if you want to pamper your skin with the multi advantages of a toner and cleanser. What more is welcoming about this product is that it is also very good for stressed out, sensitive and oily skin textures.

Micellar water – your solution to beauty!


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