5 Natural Ways to Treat Skin Discoloring at Home


One of the greatest blows to your beauty comes with the discoloring of the skin which is one of the most dreaded beauty woes women often fall a prey to. A number of factors like too much production of melanin, improper diet, liver problems and excessive sun exposure are some of the major contributors of a dark skin tone. Nevertheless; there are many natural ways to treat skin discoloring with products medically proven since centuries to nip the issue in the bud and unzip your dark skin layer for a fresher looking you.

So, if you have long been spending heftily on cosmetic products and still have the issue lingering, let nature steer you out of the shadowed state and walk out with confidence with a complexion simply ravishing.

Skin Discoloring

Herbs with Antioxidants

Antioxidants play an effective role when it comes to dealing with beauty threatening conditions. Food rich in antioxidants are the natural ways to treat skin discoloring by cleaning up the blood stream, controlling various factors that promote melanin production and offer just so much more than the simple enhancement of the skin texture and tone. Green tea and red clover  tea are some of the recommended natural products to make use of as they tend to keep the body free from free radicals and not only work on improving skin fairness but also combats and slows down the signs of aging such as sagged skin, fine lines, improves lymphatic system, provides nutrients to skin cells and boost skin development in many ways.

Green Tea for Skin DiscoloringCastor Oil Massage

A term simply not new to the ears- castor oil is one of the often heard beauty products that has been a very potent edible used for hair and skin enhancing utilities. This works wonders when it comes desired beauty results  and  for your undermined facial look, it can be the most idyllic item to get a light skin the valuable way. It readily targets at exploiting and whisking away the dark melanin layers, dark spots and dark patches and also soothes the skin texture. When treating stubborn dark skin you can always leave it on overnight in a soaked bandage so that it continuously works for longer durations in the damped condition.

Castor oil for Skin Discoloring

Citric Treatment with Lemon

One of the most economic natural ingredients that can restore your lost facial charm is lemon.  A renowned natural bleaching agent that has been a top pick of women and beauticians can be a life saving edible when it comes to availing skin fairness benefits the natural way. The stringent action of the citric juice of lemon tends to rigorously scrape away the rough dark layers of the skin to reveal a fresh and whiter layer underneath. It’s one of the best natural ways to treat skin discoloring and should be used twice on daily basis. Simply dip a cotton ball on the desired areas and rub it over the patch that needs to be treated. The frequent acidic action will erode away the tough dark skin and give you satisfying results of a lighter skin. Not only that, lemon juice also tends to be a good remedy for fading away scars.

Lemon for Skin Discoloring

 Virgin Olive Oil

Harsh products can at times worsen up and accentuate the condition of a discolored complexion but that doesn’t mean there are no mild natural ways to treat skin discoloring effectively. You get an enhanced look of radiance by applying virgin olive oil on a wet warm cloth and gently massaging it on to the discolored patch. It works two-ways; first it tends to scrape away the hard dark skin layers and secondly provides the skin with a natural moisturizing effect that works ardently to gleam up your tone and smoothen outs the skin texture.

 Olive Oil for Skin Discoloring

Vitamin C Rich Food

Vitamin C is one of the medically proven minerals that has the capacity to repair damaged skin cells and tissues and to promote skin development. Though it can be a hassle to apply creams and products containing vitamin C, you can quickly get fabulous fairness results the yummy way by eating food items rich in the essential nutrient.  That in fact works inside out and nips the damaged skin cells effectively from within to show off a better result outwards. So plan out a diet that has broccoli and citric fruits which have vitamin C in abundant quantity and potently  target the rough and tough dark skin patches.

Fruit to Treat Skin Discoloring

So, before heading out to the market to buy hefty cosmetic items to treat your skin;  play safe with your beauty with these natural ways to treat skin discoloring.



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