Health Benefits of Green Tea


Nature is replete with herbs that have hidden nutrients which offer  health and beauty benefits to mankind. Green tea is one such natural product that has an indefinite number of health benefits and should be a part of the routine diet.

To relieve oneself  from stress and enervation people usually  drink black tea and coffee as soothing hot liquids but When talking in terms of health benefits, then green tea has more antioxidants  than black tea which fights numerous radicals in the body to promote better health effects; which  is why many people have reverted their taste of black tea and coffee towards green tea  which is medically proven to offer a great number of advantages that promotes better health.

Green Tea


Relieves  Stress and depression – In this age of rush and responsibilities, stress and depression are a part and parcel of everyone’s life and you can naturally stay stress-free by a regular dietary intake of green tea which has an amino acid called’ theanine’  which is used medically in the making of tranquilizers and stress relieving medicines for patients. Taking it directly the natural way in the form of green tea, it keeps your hormonal stress level in control which indirectly offer health benefits on the overall body functioning.

Improves Memory- Green tea has  amino acid threonine which circulates and  increase the amount of dopamine in the blood. Studies evince that these compounds can help improve brain functionality and improve memory and thinking power. However, not only can green tea assist in improving the function of the brain; it also protects the brain against various degenerating disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson which are some great health benefits due to the rising rate of these problems.

Fights Cancerous conditions– Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants and flavonoids compounds  which have been shown to help reduce the risk of many perilous cancerous elements in the body and  offer medical protection against Breast cancer, Prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. More trials are needed to endorse this, but multiple other observational studies have shown that green tea drinkers are significantly at a decreased risk of getting various types of cancer.

Anti-aging- Green tea contains an antioxidant known as polyphenols, which stops free radical formation that greatly promote aging, wrinkling and lining on the face. A great way to stay youthful, these compounds work in your body to fight against radicals and promote better skin development and is one of the best natural  skin care treatments which has offered stunning facial and body beauty to Chinese people who have a regular dietary intake of green tea.

Prevents tooth decay- Having an ingredient called ‘catechin’ which fights bacterial and viral infections , green tea  is a great natural way to health benefits medically; especially for dental care through oral hygiene by  keeping it free of infections which lead to tooth decay.

Weight loss– Green tea contains flavonoids and other such compounds that help you stay healthy. They also help in weight loss. Green tea burns the adipose and fat in your body and boosts your metabolism rate which also helps in quick digestion of food. One cup of green tea approximately burns up to 70 calories and equal amount of fat. It also decreases the high levels of fat and cholesterol circulating in your blood.

Diabetes control- Known to regulate glucose level by negating their rise after meals; green tea is a safe natural product for people having diabetes. It also prevents excessive fat storage.

Cardiac vascular fortification- Medical research have to an extent found the contribution of green tea in fortifying, relaxing and  toning up  blood vessels in the heart and makes them more tough to withstand alternation in blood pressure. It also facilitates in lessening the chances of blood clotting in the blood vessels; which are some of the reasons of cardiac arrest.

Healthy Bones- One of the many health benefits of green tea is that it protects the  bone cartilage helps delay the development of bone abnormalities like arthritis and osteoporosis. Regular usage of green tea may help prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, though studies are still lacking. Green tea has another advantage on your health in that it protects the cartilage of your body by blocking the destruction of cartilage.


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