Hottest Short Hairstyles 2014


With the new year almost on the verge of starting, it is ripe time to take an analysis of the current trends and the upcoming new fashion 2014 for a complete up-to-date know-how of what your options are and what you will be selecting for yourself. Hairstyles 2014  indeed are the prime focus of concern for  men and women right now and this curiosity will definitely pay off with some very causally stunning popular hairstyles that  carry  the tinge of modern touch which all are greatly in pursuit of. However; before relating the traits of the trending long and short hairstyles 2014,  it is imperative to make it clear that many hot hair trends of the passing fashion have safely made their strong standing as some of the hottest looks of the year 2014 which include the bold fashion that tampers with extremes looks of precise and fierce cutting of the hairstyles for men and women.

 Short Hairstyle 2014

Popular Hairstyles 2014  foremost; have the short hairstyles that tend to incline a great deal towards uneven cuts to mark a fierce look of style which tends to offer an ultra modern look to ladies. The shortness of length is tampered in many ways and hairstyles such as the edgy cuts, asymmetrical styles and funky disheveled touches of creativity are the dominant traits. The new popular hairstyles 2014 have once again revived the love for the normal hair texture which will be a common sight out in the market- though the sleek texture will also be a smart way to run parallel with what’s in vogue. The use of color is also a striking feature of the short Hairstyles 2014 whereby many color trends and artistic ways of usage will be some of the charmers of styling. Amidst all this bold and ferocity of the  upcoming new and popular hairstyles 2014 , the causally disheveled and loose hairstyles 2014 will also be on the fashion menu and score rankings as some of the best causal looking formal styles with an ocean of fabulous trends that have convenience of carriage and management.

Short Hairstyle for women

For men this trend hair fashion also dishes out some very graceful styles which include the funky messed up and gel hairstyles. The cropped and extreme short hairstyles had been all the rage in the current fashion; both for men and women- however that is no longer the talk of the town. The new year has a taste inclination of its own and it tends to stress on a better hair length which is why  the buzz cuts for men will now be seen with a longer hair length a t the crown area.  So for the guys out there, let this change of style of the poplar Hairstyles 2014 be your ultimate tool to simmer new and classy wet and gelled styles on daily basis. Color most certainly  plays a crucial role in giving many of the short hairstyles 2014 a smart and trendy look. The use of shades is the thing to look forward to with the touch of numerous hair shades being the greatest tip to enjoy the trend.

The gelled and wet medium and short hairstyles 2014 in the unkempt and loose look are the extremely causal looks which tend to contribute a great deal in the outlook of simple ponytails, messy braids and side hairstyles.  Hair accessorizing is no longer the trait of the fashion 2014 in hairstyling and retains this application to the formal hairstyles such as the wedding hairstyles and Greek hairstyles. For women this means carrying the simple look will suffice their need to be stylish.








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