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Though the craze for the current stock of trends is still soaring high; the outlines of the upcoming new fashion 2014 fall have now started marking their rankings as some very hot and inspiring ways to stay modish and up-to-date.  The change of appeal and presentation in clothing, accessories and hairstyles is definitely there  with no regret of any lacking.

This year has already laid the foundations of the demand of the modern men and women and that is exactly what the fashion trend setters have given the masses in this consecutive second year of fashion dose. The Paris fashion week and the New York fashion shows have already ruled out the new trends as they seem to be finalized  and already propagating their appeal amongst the masses. Some of the mega changes in all fashion areas have been handpicked to let you know of the reshuffling you need to make in your wardrobe.

Latest New FashionFashion 2014

Clothing are some of the most thrilling sights to look at in the menu of the fashion 2014. The trend of the printed variety is there with an inclination towards more darker and sober shades. The animal prints, check shirt styles,  camouflage, military,  floral, graphic, etc are some of the most dominant prints styles that will be available in the new designed clothes such as tight capri length pants, printed suits, coats and jackets, frocks and gowns,, skirts and blouses etc. The trend of the black fashion and blue fashion is also there to mark a very graceful look in winters with the indefinite shades of both colors. Street style fashion also has many new additions of styles that mark a new change for being unique and trendy. So, despite many similarities of themes;  fashion 2014 have a new style of presentation that varies in shades, lengths and designs to mark its own distinctive look.

Slick Hair FashionWet Hairstyle Fashion


This  is one of the very glaring traits that tend to evince the great change of styling trends in the coming year. The sleek look is now a thing of the past and  now the emphasis is once again towards the natural hair texture which is ruled by a  handful of  styling ways that will be the fashion looks of the year 2014. The wet look is one of the thrilling  hair style trends that will be a common sight out in public with the top hair being gelled in a messy and wavy texture with the lower hair left free to sway about. The light hair textures such as blonde are the ruling colors for this trend which will be display the best results in the long and medium lengths.

Slick ponytails with a center or side parting is another hit look in  hairstyling fashion 2014 which offers a smart and fierce impression that is well groomed and maintained. Though it will take time to accept this change; yet it’s fashion that has to be accepted. Another very hot look is that of the side hairstyles which have  the normal hair texture in wavy and tousled looks being the hot trends to make your formal getups sexy and eye catching. Loose and messy hairstyles continue to run in vogue in the low ponytail styles with pinned or clipped till half way of the hair length. So be ready for this loose and slick change.

Fashion 2014New Beauty Fashion Trend

BEAUTY FASHION 2014  has a glaring contrast of choices that offer a great change from this year’s all bright and multi-colored looks. The use of matt tones and neutral shades is one of the distinctive traits of the spring  makeup trends 2014 that aim at a more natural look. Shades such as tea-pink, plum, peach etc are the hot trends for the natural look. However; it’s not only simple and  low toned; in fact summer has some very hot and bright shades such as orange, red and deep raspberry to give you a rocking tropical and exotic look with the lively summer sun dresses.

Eye makeup tends to be the most transformed new beauty trends list  that has deviated from this year’s vibrant and dramatic eye makeup looks to more neutral and define trends that make use of little color but in the most appealing way that tends to simmer a good naturally graceful look with light eyeshades. Striped nail art is another beauty trend that will be a common highlight for a catchy and well accessorized look of the hand.



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