Latest Bob Hairstyles Fall 2015


With the latest bob hairstyles it’s all about going gorgeous in looks no matter what your age or face structure. Being some of the most adaptive and legendary ways to style your hair, the bob cuts have yet again dished out fresh concepts to set up the style guide for the fall hairstyles 2014-15. Providing an up thrust to the already flaring approach; here’s a roundup of some of the  flattering latest bob hairstyles in the trend list merged with the trends that will be the flavors of the new season.


Simply to die for, the amazing amalgamation of the short bob length with the old feather impression evinces a classy outlook which is a perfect seasoning up the persona with a piquant tinge of modernism. Rich hair shades make it all the more enticing and fit for flirty and chirpy getups. It’s an ideal style for women with thin or fine hair because it renders a voguish cover-up with its full bodied styling.  For mature women these latest bob hairstyles in feathered cutting are some of the most apposite and buttering styles which heighten the grace all the more. The razor, choppy and flip-out styles are some of the hottest looks to set.

Layered Bob Hairstyle


They comes as some of the freshest looking versions of the latest bob hairstyles 2015 which flaunt an effortlessly disheveled blowout look with flip outs randomly styled to give a staging a charm equipped with the wave effect. This mash up of waves, color and setting tends to make it a package of a hit-style blast which is apposite for every event; formal or semi formal.

Blowout Bob Hairstyle


Merging up two hot and vicious concepts of the full fringes with dark hair shades like the black hairstyles, the latest bob hairstyles tend to mesmerize the vision with their instantly striking outlook. The blunt, bowl, angular and inverted front cutting gives these latest bob hairstyles something extra to simply shine out.

New Bob Hairstyle


Carrying an edge of appeal over many other hot styles and versions of the bobs, the retro deep waves/curls are exceptionally some of the reigning looks popular not only in the civilian stream but also the world of stardom.  Flaunting a sophisticated and effortless grace  they are some of the die-hard looks in the upcoming hairstyling  trends for the fashion fall 2015.

Retro Bob Hairstyle


Indeed an audacious highlight from the latest bob hairstyles, the mishmash of the side undercut look with medium length bob cut is a fabulous trend that has ferocity and charm that emphasize a catchy and groovy statement about your taste.

Undercut Bob Hairstyle



Be the sexy lady walking down the street by giving your medium length hair an oblong and overgrown impression with the lob style. It’s one of the sexiest versions that can be the charmer in your personality paired up with the  honey-toned blonde hair shades  and  one of the most hassle free styles that befits the criteria of all types of formalities and events.

Sexy Bob Hairstyle


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