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Your million dollar smile is beyond doubt a great facial asset that defines your beauty elegantly. A lot of factors  like frequent makeup application, harsh climatic changes, lack of water etc can undermine their charm and give way to dry, cracked or dark lips. Nevertheless, since beauty matters to all, certain lip care measures can assure you of soft, supple and pink lips simply worth kissing. Below are some of the things that can help you have just that.


Milk cream is one of the centuries old natural ways to simmer the plump health of the lips. Being a natural cleanser it tends to pair up with other natural products like rose water, honey etc and tends to scrape of dull, dark and dried skin and reveal a fresher and lighter lip shade. It’s one of the best remedies for dark lips. Whatever milk cream paste you make, leave it on for at least 15 minutes and get desired results with regular use.

Lip Care


It basically implies to the use of petroleum jellies, chap sticks and lip balms which not only lock in the moisture but also act as a shield in harsh climatic conditions and prevent their dehydration. This tends to keep them soft and naturally healthy. Making use of organic cosmetic products is an option as they not only add health and beauty to the lips but also keep them nurtured.

Lip Care  Chapstick


Haste makes waste and compromising with quality is not an endeavor of those who know how it can affect their looks if things go wrong. Spending a little extra on quality lipsticks evades adverse effects on the skin by products having inferior quality. Branded beauty products matter when it comes to lip care because they tend to have many ingredients like gloss and vitamins which tend to have good impact on the sensitive skin  and help keep them moist and supple.


One of the ideal ways to have light and pink lips naturally is to add lemon to your beauty arsenal because for anything light and glowing, the use of lemon is always one of the best options as it is a natural bleaching agent. Since its direct application can be harsh on the sensitive skin , therefore; when it comes to lip care you should always mix it up with other products  like castor oil and glycerin and apply the mixture on to your lips overnight.

Rose water Lip care


As the name suggests, you can get an amazing dose of freshness and blooming light shaded lips by using rose water either alone or mixed with other ingredients. It has effective skin care results and proves to be an economical way to have naturally red lips. Rinse your lips with rose water or rose petals , it will help in lightening their color and dish out enhanced  smooth and soft texture.


Smoking is injurious to health and also a great lethal blow to your beauty out of which skin darkening of the lips is a major drawback. It deprives the lips their splendor and so should be abstained from to evade the burnt-out look.


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