Long Hairstyles 2014 for Women


The new year 2014 has once again reverted to the trend of the normal hair texture and given a great change of look to women who can now easily enjoy an extensive list of  stunning modern hairstyles in the current and upcoming hair fashion trends.  The long hairstyles 2014 in fact have put in vogue new looks fused  with some of the current hot styles to make it all the more easy for women with long hair to enjoy great looks in whatever style they wish. However; certain traits of hair fashion do govern the transition of trends in the upcoming fashion fall with  some styles inclining  and adapting  back the normal texture while others continue to stick to the sleek texture for more stunning impacts. Some of the best modern long hairstyles 2014 for women have been handpicked to allow you to know the fantastic ways of hooking up your long locks.

Side hairstyles 2014 have emerged as some of the very popular ways to carry a very modern look replete with a tinge of the past retro impression. They have given the best results in the long hair lengths which is why they rank as the top styles in the hair fashion 2014.These group of modern hairstyles are open to a very extensive platform of tampering with styles such as the side swept pinned low ponytails, wavy hair, curly ponytails, side buns and side braids as classy looks that cater to every possible need of women having long hair.

Long Hairstyle for Women

One of the striking features of the long hairstyles 2014 is that unlike the current practice of rich colored hair outlook; majority of the long styles tend to make use of a single shade having blonde and brown as some of the hottest colors of the new fashion in hairstyling. Since the trend of edgy and choppy styles is one of the top looks of 2014; therefore you will get to see many  long styles that have creative looks due to the fabulous and catchy cutting like the choppy styles and layered hairstyles.

Wavy Long Hairstyle 2014

Long hairstyles 2014 have the Long wavy hairstyles  as some of the very fresh styles in the light hair colors which are all the rage in the upcoming top Styles for long hair. The flirty and fresh look  is one of the great ways to be at your best in summer. Some other top scoring looks offered by the hairstyles 2014 with fabulous textured impression in the innate wavy styles have dominating  colored looks with some of the hottest styles such as the  double shaded color effects to add a tinge of appeal. Another great trend in the wavy long hairstyles 2014 is that now you can enhance their look from the back by giving shape to the hair line at the finishing either is the blunt U-shape or V-cutting. Simple sleek dark layered and straight styles too are open for being trending in some of the hassle-free ways in the sleek texture. Some other worth mentioning looks of the long modern hairstyles 2014 include the high slick ponytail, full blunt cuts with center or side parting.

Hairstyles with bangs  and fringes in all types of textures and cutting techniques are great options to give your long locks a cool and trendy way of styling. The half pin up with side swept bangs and fringes, the layered styles with fringes and also the sleek style with bangs and fringes make up some of the most stunning modern hairstyles 2014 for women that can confidently serve the purpose of all formal and semi formal needs.


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