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The art of makeup application can be pretty tricky when it comes to makeup tips for blonde hair because of the vast tones of blonde hues where each compliments a different type of makeup shade. However; this is not the only factor of concern, in fact your complexion and eye color are also aspects of consideration that are deemed important to look good with light hair tresses. So here’s a guide to some of the makeup tips for blonde hair girls who don’t want to end up all messed up.

Fiery Lipsticks

Sizzling shades of lipstick like red, orange and raspberry are stamped down as the ideal shades of beauty for the flaxen damsels. They simply doll up the look with a dainty tinge of novelty that emphatically sparks immense appeal of beauty that earns them good attention. If you have light blonde hair, the impact is even more so ensure to flaunt this hot look once in a while.

Red Blonde Hair Makeup

Impartial shades

If it’s expert guidance you’re up for then the best beauticians’ makeup tips for blonde hair recommends going for meek and soft natural shades as these lighter tones of makeup best compliment fair-haired ladies no matter what their complexion. Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Aniston and many more are your ultimate ladies of inspiration for this hot natural look. So, for your seasonal beauty looks in blonde, add rich shades of peach, plum, pink, beige, bronze eye shadows and nude lipsticks to your beauty kit because despite their low-toned hues, they can be some of the sensational looks in formal gatherings.

Simple Makeup  Blonde Hair

 Pretty Pink

Look gorgeous all day long with a rosy and glowing complexion with the pretty pink looks. Just as the blonde shade offers a spectacular facial radiance, you can add a touch of pink and enhance that innocent charm all the more with hues like baby pink, tea-pink or pale pink etc which are shades that look great with flaxen locks. It’s one of the top makeup tips for blonde hair women which works for all occasions.

Blonde Hair Makeup

Metallic & Gray

Breathe in a spicy lustrous change in to your dull and droning look of beauty with the shades of silver and gray which can be the looks ideal for your evenings and nights out rather than going for the traditional trend of dark colors. Apply a light gray eye shadow topped with darker gray on the creases and lower lashes and glam it up with metallic sliver eye liner. A semi-gloss lipstick and a coral blush will give you the classy look of the chitchat girl.

Eye color

The color of your eyes matters a lot when  it comes to makeup tips for blonde hair women because the light tone of the hair must have complementing  hues  that provide a good view of proper blends of shades overall. For example, if you have blue eyes then go for soft and light shades like pink, raspberry and organic tones and if you dark eyes the medium and dark tones like bronze, brown, red and orange can be the most flattering shades to beautify your looks.

Blonde Makeup

Avoid Going for Harsh Looks

Fierce and harsh looks with striking black eye makeup is a total  ‘no-no’ when it comes to makeup tips for blonde hair ladies. Dramatic eye lining and vampy dark shades can at times ruin your whole charm because they tend to emphasize not on beauty but ferocity and this is worse if the complexion is fair.  This however; doesn’t mean that no eye-makeup for the blonde’s. Apply all products but without dabbing on too much to retain equilibrium between the hair color and makeup.

Play up your Blonde

 Ranging from the light white blonde to the platinum and rich golden blonde, there is an array of fiery and soft hues of blonde hair color which make it hard to rule out a single shade to doll up your looks. The trick of the trade in makeup tips for blonde hair is to select shades that compliment each single shade. Here’s an insight:

  • Girls with golden or reddish blondes should go for shades of purple and lavender which appear warm and with a peach lip color- the combination is simply great.
  • Honey or caramel blondes should keep it cherry red or tropically fruity orange all the time.
  • Platinum blondes shouldn’t hinder from cool pastel colors because they are some of the best shades that offer novelty to the face. They are some of the top makeup tips for blonde hair ladies during the daylight hours. So, Stick to cool colors like green, bronze, copper and pink



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