Tips for Tweezing Eyebrows Painlessly


Grooming up the eyebrows is one hell of an ordeal. Every time your stand up before the mirror to start the epic ordeal of tweezing the brows the pain to follow simply rushes to mind. However certain handy tips for tweezing eyebrows can help lessen the sense of pain and allow you to get those brows in shape without much suffering.

Though there are certain beauty treatments like eyebrow transplants and eyebrow restoration that can help you permanently seek freedom from the epic struggle of plucking on weekly basis, yet if you don’t want to go hefty on the wallet and keep at it the economic way, there are many things you can do.

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Below are the top tips for tweezing eyebrows which I have personally tried that have given me the least pain in getting everything into shape. So, I’m going to share it with all of you out there who can do the within no time at all.

Tips for Tweezing Eyebrows

                         How to Tweeze Eyebrows


Tweezing on loose skin ….. OUCH!

One of the most important tips for tweezing eyebrows I  would recommend to females on paramount basis is to not tweeze on loose skin as that will only boost up and prolong your pain of taking the hair out.  The best way is to stretch out the area you are attempting to tweeze out the hair with the two fingers of the hand that is not holding the tweezers. This will ensure multiple advantages:

  • It will not pull your skin and also prevent it from getting caught up in the tool.
  • It will help pull out the hair without breakage or any remains.
  • It will minimize the pinching effect.


 A good tool certainly makes the effort less and result more. That’s one of the best tips for tweezing eyebrows to consider if  you want less sting while pulling out the hair. Select a good pair of sharp and point tweezers that have good angled edges  so that it can get a firm grip on the hair at the base and really pull it out within no time. A blunt one will make you feel the pain with the hair still stuck in the follicle and you might have to repeat the effort on a single strand 2-3 times. Now you wouldn’t want that to happen again and again right?  So work it sharp and effective.


 The best time to tweeze up the brows is after having a hot shower. This is one of the easiest tips for tweezing eyebrows smoothly all the way out. The heat of water softens and open up the skin and opens up the pores that eventually loosen up the grip of the brow hairs and thus, they can be easily pulled out without you feeling much soreness.


 Moving onto to doing something actually practical for experiencing less pain, this is one of the natural tips for tweezing eyebrows I’m letting you I on -freeze up the skin of your eyebrow region using ice cubes. The purpose is to make the skin insensitive so that you do not undergo much sting when you tweeze.

  • Rub an ice cube for at least 2-3 minutes for starting your session
  • You may have to repeat it in incase the skin warms up again and you start feeling the pain.


This is a second alternative to using ice cubes and is of course a little spending you’ll have to make but there are numbing creams out in the market that work as pain killers. They can come in handy when you simply don’t have ice cubes to use.

  • Taking one of these, simply apply it topically on the eyebrows before plucking and allow it to absorb in.
  • When numbness is achieved set to work.
  • Rinse off after you’re done.


Being slightly warm is a great condition of the skin to set to the task of plucking. The high temperature helps to ease up and loosen hair follicles and thus makes it easier to get rid of the unwanted hair.

With these highly effective tips for tweezing eyebrows, have a happy  tweezing!



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