Mermaid Wedding Dresses


Figure defining looks a with mermaid wedding dress styles re some of the unsurpassed designs that complement the’ ladies look’ at wedding events. Be it the bride, the bridesmaid or the guest, anyone can really pull off the most amazing  and flattering look by just doing a little homework on what the best options at disposal are when it comes to attires .

Out of the numerous wedding dress styles, the   Mermaid wedding dresses are some of the head turning designs that offer ravishing looks that fall perfectly along the body curves and let you be at your finest. They in fact help you flaunt a young and fresh look with an amazing lineup of designer styles and trends to make it all the more worth it.

Despite the similarity of the fitted mermaid style, don’t go thinking that you will find everything heading towards the same look because various factors like material, different necklines and the gown/ skirt styles tend to breathe in a new and invigorating touch of classy looks; with each factor standing its own ground of appeal. Some of the trending designs that simply win over the heart in these mermaid wedding dresses include the following styles.

Mermaid Wedding Dress


If you’re looking for some of the luxury styles that offer exquisite richness and sophistication, then the feather skirt in the vintage and antique wedding dresses tend to be the unsurpassed choices. The soft feathery effect at the lower length of the mermaid wedding dresses gives a dramatic touch of creativeness to the gown or dress and makes it a factor that earns you more attention. The latest colors in the wedding trends like that of black, pink and other shades offer more options other than the traditional white shade.

Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

 LACED UP – No other fabric tends to carry so much grace and affluence than that of the lace material which is all the hype when it comes to the top formal dresses. Being the most exquisite material for weddings, it renders a fabulous appeal to the mermaid wedding dresses with its varied uses either on the full the gown dress, full sleeves or just simply the skirt. Truly irresistible, these outclass wedding collections can be your edge giving reasons to be in the limelight.

 WATERFALL- Since the mermaid designs are all about artistic looks, designers have really put in the effort to make the wedding attires worth the spending. Rich satin mermaid gowns and dresses are given ruffled effects and adeptly tied up on one side with a floral attachment to make the look superb waterfall or ripple effect. They are also some of the top runway wedding style trends 2014; which is a guarantee of nothing but the best.

Mermaid Wedding Dress 2014

FOX GOWN – Creativity bounces in the very minute you mention the name of fox gowns and sweep styles because these amazing extra long trailing styles have a classic fitted look from the top waist and hips and have a ruffled  skirt length that trails charismatically follows behind.

STRAPLESS – These are some of the eternal sources of elegance for ladies and a great way to show those curvy top looks that add to your grace of looks. Numerous necklines such as the straight, corset and sweetheart styles offer you a fantastic choice of collection that come in all sorts of plain and stylishly stitched bust tops like pleated, ruffled and ruched followed by the sensationally innovative gowns styles and full skirts below.

SLEEVELESS – The sleeveless styles are some of my personal choices when it comes to pinning down the best mermaid wedding dresses.  They offer an innocent look which tends to an ideal choice for a summer wedding. The latest wedding trends have the use of rich fabrics like lace and satin being some of the top materials that offer eternal grace to bridal mermaid wedding dresses and that for the bridesmaid.



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