Popular Sleek Hairstyles 2014


Numerous hair trends have made their way to the forefront, but certain style fads have that tinge of uniqueness that makes them shine out. A handful of the trending Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 in all lengths  have been selected.

 Full streaked sleek hairstyles offer some of the ever rich presentations you could possibly find. The rich contrasting shades of colors in the simple blunt and full fringed styles are all the hype these days in the celebrity hairstyles and amongst the ordinary masses. Great for summers, you can play around with a list of fresh shades to give you that blossoming tropical and beachy look.

Sleek Hairstyle

Blunt styles in the sleek texture are some of the simple Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 which are the initial styles that came to the forefront. Retaining their charm, the simple short sleek bob with and without fringes, the sleek wedge, the long and medium blunt styles with hair partitions etc are some of the top styles that have been very popular in the contemporary formal hair fashion.

Sleek Hairstyles 2014

Layered cuts have been the most popular sleek hairstyles 2014 in the contemporary  times because they offer not only great appeal but also are easy to manage. Nowadays the simple layers have been given a revolutionized look with the introduction of the fierce hairstyles looks with the choppy, edgy, jagged and razor cuttings. They have given the  short, medium and long hair lengths a spectacular way of carriage that simple charms up the modern urge for being unique and innovative.

 Ponytails are some of the eternal styles that cater to almost every causal and glamorous need of women and they continue to offer some of the best sporty and chic formal looks in the sleek texture. In fact the Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 in the ponytails have a wide platform of tampering to dish out some fantastic mod styles; with each having its own distinct look. The reigning ponytail Popular sleek hairstyles include the simple straight layered, choppy, razor, sleek stacked etc

  Medium Sleek Hairstyle

Streaked fringes trends are also some of the best looks we’ve seen on the fashion floor. It is in fact another form of giving textured colored effects to the hair by just highlighting the hues on the fringe and bags and leaving the rest of the hair I the normal hair texture. It is classy and very trendy for young girls to be perky and smart amongst young friends.

Full fringed Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 have been taken up by many women who effortlessly like to be fierce and styled up at all hours. The full fringe hide away the forehead and  allows you to play with the long hair length in numerous ways for a fierce looks.

Tousled and disheveled styles are some of the Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 that offer women the modern version of the funky hairstyles. Carrying full fringes and giving the rest of the hair tousled effects gives a  smart look which in the flip over, cropped cutting and razor cuts give superb styles that cater to every need women might have.

 Funky Popular sleek hairstyles 2014 can certainly not go unmentioned when we talk o f modern styles and trends. The jagged and edgy  uneven strands of hair in the sleek texture give these short styles  a very smart look which complements men and women of young ages.



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