Short Prom Hairstyles 2014


One of the best style looks for young girls that go well with their youthful age is short hair length. Since the prom night is a platform of glamour and charm, the latest hair trends  for the prom hairstyles 2014 can really breathe in a vigorous appeal to your prom image with a striking, fierce and rich look that flatter up the young teenage look of girls. If you have short hair- the better because of the indefinite looks you can carry.

So, if you’re in pursuit of a before-hand update of some of the hottest short prom hairstyles 2014 that can revolutionize your image amongst school pals- here’s what’s in store for the modern prom look.

Short Prom Hairstyle

Modern bob Short Prom Hairstyles 2014

Short prom hairstyles 2014 indeed render a cute and adorable look to young girls and what other style can offer a more gorgeously young look than the classic bob cuts. The sleek short bob with a sleek full fringe is simply sensational in the sleek texture. It frame lines the face structure and covers up the forehead and makes the facial broadness less and cute. However; since simplicity is no more the talk of the town, I doubt girls would want to go with that simple blunt full fringed styles, so turn to the hottest A line and asymmetrical bob styles and have that factor that earns you the laurels of gracefully cool looks.

Short styles with accessories

Accessories can render some very cute looks to young girls for the prom night. Adorn your short look and try out the sleek short styles with a fancy hair clip or a sparkle headband. Trying out small crystal beads in a creatively adorned hair partition will look gorgeous. If you want to stand out more, then pin on a large floral or feather hair accessory to make people want to look at you.

Short Prom Hairstyle 2014

Short streaked

The addition of color certainly adds flavor to any hot event and for the prom night the streaked short prom hairstyles 2014 complement the sizzling dress up of young girls. Since it’s all about looks on the prom floor, young girls can really carry stunning looks with the short prom hairstyles 2014 by trying out the funky and edgy cuts with streaks. The textured look of the hair adds an apparent thickness to the hair and you can simmer an ocean of looks with the change and combinations of fresh and bright hues.

Funky styles

For young girls the latest short funky hairstyles are some of the very stylish haircuts which give them a flirty and sexy look; which is why they tend to be some of the best short prom hairstyles. Carrying extended front hair with a tapered back, side swept looks or trying the flip over, will certainly be worth the sight.


The edgy, chopped cuts, cropped and jagged sleek side wept styles look superb with the colored effects and are great charmers for the prom look.  N the modern ferocity of these modish edgy cuts is what makes them classy.


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