Streaked Hairstyles 2014 – Top Color Combinations


Streaked hairstyles  2014  have been all the rage ever since the inception of the concept in hairstyling. Giving a rich way to carry textured color effects; they simply and very effortless make every simple and creative style simply out of this world. However; one thing that does matter is the combination of the streaks shades you opt for, as colors tend to flaunt not only the appeal of your hair but also the type of image you seek.  A handful of some of the best paired colors in Streaked hairstyles 2014  have been pinned down to serve as a guide if you’re going for streaks.


Blonde streaks on brown hair are a hot combination in hair fashion of shades in the streaked hairstyles 2014 which gives the highest level of apparent depth to the hair and illusively enhance the hair diameter to give a more volumized look. Tampering with tones of both the streaks shades simmers up diverse looks with each having its own ground of appeal.

Streaked Hair

Rust orange streaks on brown are one of the enriched types of streaked hairstyles 2014 which offer the short and medium hairstyles 2014 for women a classy appeal that is passionate and seductively alluring on account of the hot and sizzling color appeal that runs parallel to the modern demand of attraction through streaks style.

Red streaks on black hair can be the perfect way to have a fierce charm that offers a gorgeous look to women no matter what the length or style of hair. They offer a sound ground for making the facial makeup all the more prominent and are ideal for women with colored eyes other than black and brown. They are also some of the best looks in the streaked hairstyles 2014 for formal events and complement women of every age – in particular teenagers and mid aged ladies.

Double shades of blonde – if you’re seeking some fresh looks of streaks effects that can offer you an invigorating dose of freshness then the streaked hairstyles 2014 using the dark and light tones of blonde color tend to be the perfect choices. They are the best ways to play up your looks  for events where passion and attraction are the call of the hour. The best example scan be of the streaked celebrity hairstyles which have often been seen in this classic colors.

Black streaks on blonde hair are some of the fierce combinations of hair shades which demand instant attention. It is one of the best color combinations for the Gothic and emo looks which have ferocity as the punch line and in this case the light and totally dark shades tend to provide just that. It is just the right one for those who like to display the wild taste of fashion trends.

White streaks on burgundy hair is one of the unique; yet inspiring hair fashion looks in the latest  streaked hairstyles 2014 which offers  an apparently chilling effect and is a good choice for women who love to be rebelliously stylish.

Orange streaks on blonde hair are again a fresh combination that has been widely used in the dip dying effect to render a flirty look in medium and short styles.





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