Top Fashion Dresses 2014 for Women


With the arrival of the new fashion trends 2014; it is time for the reshuffling of the wardrobes with the upcoming fashion clothing and items. For women nothing more is of greater concern than that of fashion dresses and no matter how many they have- it simply isn’t enough. With the new fashion year making its way to the forefront; women are now in pursuit of getting hang of the variety that will rule the trends in the fashion 2014.

Though many fashion trends of the current year are the same; yet many new concepts have been fused and others altered to mark their distinctive look that is indeed modern and  creative in concept. There are so many new designs in fashion dresses 2014 to look forward to with some of the best styles handpicked which should be in your wardrobe at the earliest.

Fashion Dress 2014

Short sleeveless  leather dresses are definitely in vogue in the new fashion trends with a massive variety out in short and mini  lengths that have graceful designs to rock a young and hot impression.  The fitted straight waist with a creative touch of ruffled short skirts is one of the ways to give yourself a very smart look with the hot trend of fashion boots for women. Decent shades such as camel, beige, black, red, mustard etc are some of the classic shades to add to your wardrobe.

Silk strapless fashion dresses outfits will indeed be the choice of millions as they on account of the rich fabric make even the simple plain skirt styles and A-line outfits some of the very appealing fashion dresses 2014 for the young that also cater to their need of formal and semi formal events and parties.

Fashion Dresses


Lace silk drop waist styles are some of the dress styles to really treat yourself with in the coming fashion sprint. The grace of body glimpses and the rich patterned design of the lace at the back, front and short hems make the lace silk dresses all the more appealing  and in artistic designs that have Barbie doll and handkerchief styles as factors that draw instant attention. Perfect for party wear, it is a must to have for teenagers.

Tuxedo wrap dress is one of the very unique and elegant fashion dresses 2014 for women in the long length which has a lot of grace and is one of the best ways to look stunning in the black fashion style. Featuring a broad silky wide drop collar style it also has a thigh slit to make the grace of the feminine body all the more appealing. Apposite for all semi formal and even formal wear; women can absolutely rely on this fantastic dress design for a dazzling appeal.

New Fashion Dresses


The print design has been a hot trend and it continues to be so in the upcoming fashion 2014. Since the new fashion year is making its way to the forefront therefore; a bit of change is essential to mark the new outlook and this has been fused into the spring fashion trends 2014  for summer by adopting the printed look in thin silky texture fabrics. The appeal is livelier and makes the colors more artistic and fun to wear. The fabulous handkerchief styled long and short fashion dresses 2014 are really some of the must-have variety for the year 2014.

cotton knit, embroidered and lace short outfits are some of the very graceful looks in the short and mini lengths for offering women a very smart and modern look which have styles for both the summer and winter. The richness of embroidered and lace dresses make the appeal even more and the amount of colors is an ocean to choose from.


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