African Fashion 2014 Trends for Women


African fashion 2014 has a distinctive outlook on account of the traditional afro-colors and way of dressing which with the fusion and influences of the modern west culture have simmered smart trends for women to grace up their personalities. Since the western fashion tends to set trends that appeal to all; therefore, be it hairstyles, clothing, accessories etc all tend to set guidelines on ways to be a part and parcel of the changing demand of modernism by all.

In black women’s fashion 2014, the printed trend is one of the special highlights of the African fashion 2014, whose safari look of wilderness has been a hot trend in the western styles that have a strong inclination towards animal prints.

African Fashion 2014

Long loose maxi dresses in the Grecian, loose, urban Nomad dresses, striped strapless trousers, mini short suits with large checked collar shirts are some of the very trendy fashion 2014 outfits for young girls and young adult women. The threaded, embroidered and sleeveless  are some of the  very causally trendy outfits in the African fashion which have the leopard, zebra, cheetah, striped, dotted and afro-shaded prints being the hottest  semi formal styles. The trend of short dresses is also a classic  design which have the miniskirts, shorts, printed blouses etc being a common look in the modern African fashion 2014 which have accessorizing with vibrant shoes, large beaded jewelry and bangles being some of the fashion essential to mark their cultural trait.

African Fashion

Like the contemporary trend of fashion scarves, the use of these fashion accessories is a centuries old trend in the African styles which now  are livelier and appealing on account of increase in the use of colors and fabrics. Be it summer or winter; the colors and trends in the African fashion 2014 have their unique touch of native look which is indeed classic and has every type of look ranging from the typical gypsy and nomadic look to the more short and modern styles.

    New African Fashion

Hair trends in the black women’s fashion have the  innate afro-hairstyles such as weaved, 27 piece, cornrow, perm, curly, shaved and cropped styles are the distinctive styles which are usually affiliated with black men and women and are labeled as the natural hairstyles. They have in the contemporary fashion  2014 gained so much popularity not only in Africa but also around the world whereby; latest hair fashion trends have really made the outlook of these traditional African hairstyles inspiring to such an extent that they are a common choice of celebrities and other stars. They are in fact some of the best styles which with the fusion of the latest hair color trends tend to be some of the trendiest cultural and individualistic expression of style in the black women’s fashion.








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