Popular African Hairstyles


Black women are the proud trend setters of some of the hottest hairstyles in vogue during the contemporary times. The African spirit in fashion and style is no less in appeal than that found amongst other trending styles of the western block, which is why African hairstyles are some of the most stimulating styles on the fashion floor. Spanking new and creative hair trends in the African Hairstyles tend to inspire millions of women out there who love to enjoy the unique alterations of distinctive looks  that accentuate the facial appeal and offer them a groovy and revitalizing sense of modern diva looks.

African Plaited Styles

They are some of the top scoring African Hairstyles which have been the symbolic  looks of black women for centuries which are artificial plaited styles sewed on to the innate short hair of African women. Offering a creative patterned style, you can avail this classy braided look in all hair lengths and pin them up in any manner you want for a more marvelous impression.

Plaited African Hairstyle


Something similar to the plaited braids, the sisterlock African hairstyles are some of the swarmy group of styles that tend to be quite popular amongst black women. Ranging from the extra dramatic long styles to perky short ones, the use of hair colors like black and blonde  tend to simmer up some exceptional looks that are traditionally the choice of millions.

Sisterlocks African Hairstyle 2014



Patterned cornrow designs in the straight row, slanting, curved and block patterns make them some of the most artistic styles that have been carried superbly in short cropped hair while those who love to play around with a bit of length add braided extensions.These are some of the grooviest African hairstyles quite popular amongst the young generations for a catchy style appeal that complements the street style look.

Cornrow African Hairstyle


Dramatic face framing styles, the perm look is one of the most popular looks carried by the stars these days like Ciara, Rihana and Shakira. The use of light and fresh hair shades like rust, blonde, red and orange tend to alleviate the grace of the style to new vistas of charm. Adding layered cuts offer more scope of style tampering to suit your taste.

Permed African Hairstyle

Blonde Waves

One of the colors that has been the favorite of black women has been the refreshing blonde shade these days. Classy wavy effects along with textured spectrum of streaks tend to provide them with sassy style looks which make them glamorous and unique in their own domain of style appeal. It’s been the star’s favorite choice at the red carpets as well and a great option for black women to be admired for uniqueness and boldness of looks.

Arfican Hairstyles 2014


African hair is naturally from short to medium length and the texture too is coarse. The use of creative weaved updo hair extensions has provided them an escape from the limited looks in hairstyling by allowing them to carrying any style they want.  From the rock diva style of  short and medium beachy  heat waves to the smooth sleek  formal artistic ones, the weaved hairstyles are an ocean of infinite African hairstyles  which offer sassy ways to play around with the hottest styles; in particular the updo’s.

Updo African Hairstyle

Fiercely Black

The nocturnal shades of black are some of the most complementing hues for black women. The latest black short wedge cuts, pixie crops and fierce styles carried by iconic celebrates like Rihanna and Halley Berry are the Inspiring looks that tend to make you want to experience how magically this shade plays up the complexion and provides a glamorous ferocity that makes you be noticed if not for something else.

Cornrow Afro style

Cropped Pixie Cuts

The modern short cropped pixie cuts have been the ruling arena of iconic looks by black women.  Strikingly gorgeous, they are stunningly sassy ways to style short hair in the most hassle free manner that add confidence to the personality and appeal to the personality.






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