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Trending new additions of unique and artistic Christmas nail art designs are at your service to help you  doll up  vivaciously for the winter season. so, All set to plan how to carry your manicured looks this winter season? There’s a lot of creativity in store for your if you’re  keen  to be the fashion freak that loves to add chirpy style escorts and additions for a new  and catchy look of Christmas nail art designs this season.

The latest inspired manicure trends have a myriad of cheery and go-getting nail art designs that have steered away the simple and plain concept of hand adornment  to new horizons of appeal and dash. Themed and inspired trends are some of the liveliest inclinations out of which Christmas nail art designs are some of the enlivening manicured impressions that can doll up your hands with the myriad of inspired festive styles.

Fancy Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art Trends

Collage Styles

The influx of embellishment using items, fresh exotic nail polishes, beads and gems  and almost everything at disposal finds their best expression in the festive design of the collage style. Starting from the use of glitter to beads, trinkets, stickers etc you can anything that motivates your fashion buds to make it livelier and more appealing. There are age-oriented trends to flatter up the hands of all.

Symbolic Image Nail art

It’s a challenging ordeal to pin down what style in Christmas nail art you will opt for because there is a countless collection of enticing designs with emblematic concepts. One of the most fanciful is the image logo designs which have sticker and beaded images of Christmas trees, snowfall, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, gifts, bulbs etc inducting the best looks to carry and it’s a wide scope of being as unique and accurate as you want.

Christmas Nail Art 2014

Fancy Tipp Off

For long Christmas nail art designs, one of the simplest; yet attractive styles is that of the tip-off  trend which basically implies adding creativity to the nail at the tips with any inspiring concept while leaving the rest of the nail bare. Starting from simple colored varnish  effects to attached and pierced Christmas nail art concepts, you can get as creative as your imagination allows you. For best results make use of artificial fancy shaped nails like the triangular shape, oval, blunt etc which can step up the charm even more.

Sticker Christmas Nail Art

Sticker Christmas Nail Art

The ideal ways to have immense ingenuity of designs and patterning in the Christmas nail art look is to simply go for the stickers. Having an ocean of every concept your could possibly think of, there is a lively collection of inspired festive styles having, inscribed, imaged, celestial, floral, graphic designed, nature, animal inspired etc  concepts with a lively spectrum on hues. It’s an effortless way to go stunning and impressive with adept ingenuity.

Christmas Nail Art

French Cancan

Making use of the dominant Red-theme in varnishes, the sizzling French cancan Christmas nail art designs with the use of glittered patterns is one of the very graceful style ideal for all to carry. The bright lacquered layer of polish with patterned striped designs of symbolic colors like red, golden, white and green is another unique and simple trend for the occasion.

Ice Christmas Nail Art

Crusty Ice Nail Polishes

One way to give your hands the chilling outlook of Christmas season is with the frosty ice nail polishes. White, red, green, golden and silver ice nails can be the simple layered looks or you can fuse in and step up the momentum to new heights with celestial and glitter effects.


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