Dead Sea Mud – The Dirty Secret to Great Skin


Indeed your skin needs extra care and protection for you to look beautiful always but are you Still Struggling to curb the menaces of aging and reviving a fabulous skin texture?  Well then it’s high time you got down to playing dirty with your beauty.  Ever thought of trying Dead Sea mud?  Yes, it’s one of the most effective natural ways to breathe life into dull and sordid skin and grant it a naturally beaming outlook loveable in every way.

Nowadays when everyone is focused more towards cosmetic treatments for beauty enhancement, let’s not forget that natural ingredients and nutrients are the base of all these developments. Being rich in natural salts and minerals like potassium, calcium, Boron, Iron, magnesium; Dead Sea salt is a single solution to numerous skin problems and a great boon in your skin care regimen. It very effectively works as a catalyst in boosting and facilitating the natural skin processing with its raw and crude form;  pure and free of harsh chemicals and preservatives which make it all the more a reason to be used.

Dead Sea Mud Mask


Mud baths and masks are some of the common skin care methods known for promoting natural beauty of the skin.  However; not many people are aware of what Dead Sea mud is so let’s throw some light on how and from what it takes its rich form.

 It is primarily the alluvial silt that drains down from surrounding rocks and mountains and deposits along the salty inland sea banks. Layer upon layer these silts tend to mix up with the sea salts and minerals and tend to form an affluent mud that has nature’s most effective nutrients  like magnesium, iron, calcium, Boron etc and the result is the formation of sea mud which is very useful for the human skin and body.

This very medically proven reason is why dead sea mud is a popular luxury spa  treatment practiced particularly in the western block which focus on getting these nutrients absorbed into the skin for playing their magical role in skin rejuvenation and development. Popular ways of using dead sea mud is  through immersing  the body in mud baths,  full body mud pasting, as face masks and soaps.


Mud treatments are some of the very spoilt spa and beauty treatments that are indeed relaxing and have numerous advantages for the human skin and hair. Being rich in natural minerals, they are readily absorbed in to the skin and reach deep down to stimulate many skin functions that finally rule out the bottom line of a fresh looking you. Some of the most visible and instant results of dead sea mud are:

  • It effectively encourages blood circulation and leads to direct skin and health enhancement.
  • Dead sea mud is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated soft and supple through rich moisturizing.
  • As an excellent detoxing agent , it helps drain out free radicals through perspiration and lymphatic system. As a result it Curbs the outbreak of skin menaces like acne and pimples by drawing out locked, pollutants, sebum, dirt, debris and toxins from the skin layers to keep the skin looking fresh and glowing.
  • Promotes skin elasticity and combats fine lines to give you fabulously youthful looking firm skin.
  • It tones the skin texture and promotes smoothness.
  • Dead sea mud very effectively fades away stretch marks on the body to give you a clear and spotless look.
  • Dead Sea mud works effectively to shrink facial pores and smoothes out the skin tone superblyDead Sea Mud Spa Treatment.
  • It’s a great natural exfoliator that helps you have a clean and clear face by whisking away dead skin cells and unclogging blocked pores.
  • For people with a hair loss problem, a massage with dead sea mud is an effective way to stop hair fall. By promoting blood circulation and providing rich nutrients to strengthen the scalp , it tends to make stronger the root follicles and also greatly assists in preventing pre-mature hair fall.

Dead Sea Mud for Face


A beauty boost is not the only reason  why dead sea mud is all the hype,  it has many health and medical benefits  as well which are also a cause of its popularity.

Stress Relieving : A dead sea mud bath is an organic stress busting  form of leisure that tends to  draw out the tensed pain in mucles. It covers the outer skin layer and increases the body temperature which soothes away the pain and offers relaxation effects. This is a great cure for people who have Rheumatic joints.

It has also been a long practice of offering relief to skin problems like arthritis and is also of reflief for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

With organic products like Dead Sea mud, nature is definitely your ultimate savior when it comes to beauty that is rock solid and long lasting. So, the next time you wish to venture  out in pursuit of products that can be the reason to be a ‘ new you’ , try the mud play.


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