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The art of personality  development and appeal is just not about  a well groomed set of habits and wearing one of the hottest outfits in vogue but also about the perfect match with your body structure. Make yourself highly impressive by going for  styles, designs and fashion tips  that complement your physical structure such as health and height to display the best version of your personality no matter what you wear. So be stylish and always remain bound to things that are worth the effort and spending.

Style tips for the perfect look in dressing tend to lay great emphasis on knowing and wearing the outfits that complement and flatter your image. So here’s  a guide to the different types of physiques and clothing and other fashion items wish tend to pair up well and play up your overall looks in the best manner.

Body Shape Fashion Tips

Pear body shape is the type of physique which tends to have a bulky look below the waist  and a slimmer look at the top. For them, they need Style tips in outfits that can accentuate the appeal of the bust area and apparently conceal the distorted look at the hips and if you have a short height you need all the handy tips even more. So here’s the perfect guide to what you should and should not wear.

knee length A-line skirts which conceal the distorted hip area and offer a vision of the leggy for a more taller impression to give you grace.  Make use of the waist belts with your causal outfits and fitted waists styles in formal wear to remove the bulky look you have. This will also give a boost to the bust area to be more prominent and will ward away the attention from the heavy weight area. Use the latest inspired jewelry that is catchy and creative to work as a trick of Style tips  that makes the upper area the zone of attention with deep neckline dresses. Dark colors tend to apparently offer illusionary slender looks and that is why it is best to select darker shades of pants and skirts and light shades of blouses and shirts. Avoid skinny pants and jeans as they will really accentuate the heavy and distorted image of your lower body.

Inverted triangular body shape is one that has many things that make up the shape. Foremost; you have broad shoulders and upper back with a straight waist and relatively smaller hips and slim legs. Since the overall look is a slim and smart figure like that of Demi Moore;  therefore, play up your looks with V necklines, printed skirts, wrap around outfits to give you a slim figure some very inspiring looks. Making use of wide pants is recommended style tip to give your slim look a perfect healthy image as the skinny and tight pants will make you look even more slimmer- basically meaning skinny. Avoiding strap tops does not complement the look as it highlights the broadness of your body structure of the shoulders and back and that does not offer an elegant look. If you are healthy and busty at the top then the strapped styles best make your sex appeal and grace even more attractive.

Apple body shape feature a busty top, weight on ribs, shoulders with the hips being slender yet healthy. This is one of the best types of body shapes that gives you greater options of being  a good display of the real feminine look and the fashion and style tips for such a structure incline towards some of the best images around.  This body shape allows you to make use of some of the hottest dresses with complete confidence such as  plunging necklines, strapless sweetheart outfits and one shoulder  and gown dresses for a heavy look of the bust that will automatically draw away attention from whatever physical flaw you have elsewhere. Since there is weight around the waist therefore; go for fitted and belted varieties to push in the extra pounds which may be hindering a perfectly smart look replete with health.

Trousers are some of the best clothing items if you have an apple body shape along with a good height and pairing it up with a collar blouse will really be inspiring. Going for fitted stocks in winter such as fitted coats and jackets will be apposite for the perfect look of the body.  Wrap around outfits, drape necklines are some other styles o have in the wardrobe. Follow the above style tips and be sure of stunning and flattering looks in clothing that is meant for the perfect body shape.


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