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Your hands and feet say a lot not only about your health but also the investment your make in your personality. Usually women tend to focus on the maintenance of their hands only and ignore the pedicure treatment for foot care; which is also imperative for showing off beautiful feet. For the feet they simple neglect how they look and go along with their apparently clean look. Foot care is equally essential; especially for your summer look when you would like to wear smart slim open sandal styles- which should certainly not display cracks and dry heels. So, pamper your feet with some foot care tips to keep them stylishly intact to give you beautiful feet that add more confidence in your beauty walk.

Beautiful feet cannot be possible without pedicure foot care measures which are slightly more time consuming than the manicure treatments because the feet have harder and rougher skin and nails. Being coarse and always covered in dirt and debris, they are more likely to be unhealthy. So here are the daily foot care tips to have beautiful feet that can add a great amount of appeal to your personality look.

Soak them up  -The first foot care measure which is the Initial step for beautiful feet is to soak your feet in luke warm water for a while. This loosens up the dead skin cells and all the dirt and debris, which makes it easier to clean them up.

Beautiful Feet

Foot scrubbing – Get hold of a pumice stone or a foot scrubber and gently rub it on your heels, foot nails and skin. This will scrape off all the impurities from the feet and revive that natural appeal of the feet and its complexion. For the nails, this foot care ordeal of scrubbing the nails, tends to rid them of the rough texture and any fungal growth that might be there. However; pedicure foot care measures don’t simply end here, as for having beautiful feet, there is still work to be done.

Baby oil massage – After having them cleaned up, dry them with a towel and apply baby oil to your feet and massage them. This foot care tip in pedicure treatment is essential after soaking because it prevents skin dryness from occurring in case your skin is sensitive or loses the top epidermal layer of skin cells that retain moisture in the skin. It also increases the blood circulation and boosts skin development. This pedicure foot care step for having  beautiful feet, is one way to naturally ensure the supple and elasticity of the skin texture.

Cleansing – In case you think that the foot care ordeal of scrubbing was enough for  clean and beautiful feet- well you have it all wrong. Cleansing offers its best results in foot care and pedicure treatments after the massage.  Take cotton and clean your feet; especially on the areas that have hard skin. This is one of the best foot care tips to fade away scars and marks on the feet. Daily practice tends offer flawlessly clear and beautiful feet.

Trim your nails into shape – Take a filer and put your nails into shape. This trimming through filing is an essential foot care an pedicure treatment step vital for preventing splitting and cracking. Make use of acetone-free nail polish remover; which is mild and tends to make the nail texture smooth and better for nail polish application.

Color dose – Here’s the best foot care tip for beautiful feet. Simply add a bright and good quality nail polish to breath in invigorated and stunning appeal to the look of your feet.






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