Latest Short Funky Hairstyles 2014


Shun away the monotonous look of your simple modern hairstyles and go for the latest group of Funky hairstyles 2014 that can really be a factor of bringing about a noteworthy change in your persona. The trend of the funky hairstyles has been a very popular trend of the passing year on account of the very striking modern looks fused to bring them out of the shackles of the gangster labeling. They continue to be some of the hottest short hairstyles 2014 which have molded their way of styling according to the hair trends of the new hairstyles 2014.

Having a fierce look on account of the emphasis on the disheveled and uneven cuts; you can play up your looks for more flattering impressions with a rich dose of colors. The trend of normal hair texture seems to have once again geared back in vogue in the modern hairstyles and the funky hairstyles tend to have a mixture of styles which can be carried either in the sleek texture or the normal one- all coming down to how you want to be.

Short Funky Hairstyles 2014 -The most striking featured additions to the short funky hairstyles 2014 is foremost the uneven  cutting which is one of the most common look found in almost all short styles.  Modern Hairstyles such as the angular and asymmetrical funky hairstyles are some of the styles that have so many altered styles which offer diversity to their outlook and render you the convenience of carrying fresh looks on daily basis.  Some short funky styles have little front extensions while for those who wish to be extra rebellious in their taste can even go for medium length front strands in the razor cutting effect for a fiercer outlook. The appeal of these funky angular hairstyles 2014 is further enhanced with the fusion of many hot trends such as that front extension  and asymmetrical look combined with the back cropped and tapered cuts.

The uneven undercut are some of the reigning funky hairstyles 2014 that are another very catchy group of modern hairstyles which have the porcupine, spiky and layered emo hairstyles as some of the most stunning cuts which with the use of the color effects render modern looks that are rich and inspiring. The short funky streaked hairstyles 2014 are some of the highlights in this stock of styles which can really play up the look to make you more conspicuous for your taste of approach.

Even sleek side swept short funky hairstyles 2014 with slanting fringes and bangs offer an ocean of diversity and the use of double or multi colored effects make them stunningly apposite for even formal use. These short funky hairstyles 2014 are an absolute stock of sensationally modern hairstyles which has given men and women- in particular the young generation, a great way to be stylish and catchy with a fulfilled way of experimentation in hairstyling.


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