Makeup Tips for Beautiful Lips


Your million dollar smile can be a factor of great admiration for your beauty but that does not simply rely on their shape, rather the effort you invest in simmering up a sexy look with certain makeup tips. The trick of the art is to focus on things that render a refined look which seems instantly attractive and makes you simply worth kissing.

Makeup tips for catchy lips tend to circle around the best techniques which offer that sensationally glamorous look through certain touches of makeup which tend to emphasize their prominence even more.

Invigorating colors always draw attention and they are the fashion fads in the latest beauty trends 2014 and are most certainly the right decision to play up a flattered look of your lips. Tropically exotic shades like deep rose, berry and orange are the most attractive shades to try out.

Lip Makeup

Good pasting of the lipstick is essential to retain a classy look of the lips and one f the best  makeup tips is to  apply  a bit of powder on your lips before applying lipstick so that its tends to get a good matt grip without causing smudges- a blunder often committed by women.

Define the lips with a sharp liner to give a prickly carved outline of the shapes of the lips. This is one of the greatest makeup tips for the lips which ring the alarm not to let smudgy overlapping. It greatly gives an attractive edge to your lips.

 Always apply lip liner before applying the lipstick because doing it the other way round will not make it last long and it will fade away with eating and talking in  a quicker span of time.

 Store your lip gloss in the fridge– it may sound absurd but it’s a great way  to stay shining out without for longer duration without  letting the gloss on your lips melt or fade away. it a good way to have the beauty of the lips last longer.

Color synchronization with hair shade is one of the beauticians makeup tips secret when going for professional touches to give the lips greater and appealing prominence. If you have light hair go for lighter yet fresh shades such as pink, pastels and brown while for women with dark hair going for bold shades such as orange, deep raspberry, red etc. if you have dark complexion then make use of bronze highlighters to give a boost to your complexion that complements the bold shades.

Use a lip brush because it helps you to blend in shades well and also tend to soften up your lip liner which may have uneven curves.

Go glossy during the day time with semi  nude and organic shades such as pink, plum and peach  etc and shine out with a sexy sparkling smile and lips

 Time of the day matters and makeup tips always tend to emphasize the need of taking into consideration the hour before opting for shades. Choose light shades as this is the ideal makeup tips for daytime and darker shades for night events.


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