Daytime Makeup Tips for Women


Daylight tends to make everything so much more prominent and this is the time you really need to apply the trick of the trade to conceal facial nuisances such as freckles, skin roughness, dark circles, blemishes etc. Since the daytime is the period of working outdoors therefore;   Daytime Makeup tips are essential for all women ranging from the young teenagers to the mature ladies.

The basic aim of the daytime makeup is to keep  close to being natural and light toned in shades and color because the broad daylight tends to make this soft touch of makeup highly complementing. Some of the must to follow tips include:

Daytime Makeup

Makeup Tips for Women

  • Make use of a good  face scrub or skin cleanser to foremost have a clear and clean skin; which serves as the basis of your appeal because the aims to use less makeup and so you rely on your natural looks a great deal. The washed face will also offer a better and fresher impression of your face.
  • Make use of a concealing product as an essential beauty  item  because that will really cover up the pigmentation, blemishes and freckles you have on the face- which in daylight are otherwise very prominent. Use a concealer of a light tone so that it does not give off  an artificial look in the bright light. Ensure that it is waterproof so that whatever you apply on the face does not get smudgy due to extreme hotness of crack up due to being dried .
  • Try to be more natural in your beauty looks by making use of light toned shades that are more neutral such as peach, pink, plum, nude etc. dark shades tend to offer contradicting impressions. Leave all that for the night. Even the blushon on the contours should be light and slightly darker from the skin tone to mark its application.
  • Avoid using a glossy lipstick or adding too much lip gloss because that will offer a sparkling effect in the daylight and will also tend to fade away.
  • Avoid dark eye makeup during the days such as raccoon type and resort to better, thinner yet defined looks with the eye liner and mascara.
  • Define the shapes of your eyes  and lips adeptly for a well defined look of the complete beauty facial features and use techniques that help offer a fuller look.
  • Go for Matt toned lipstick as they are more convenient during the day because they tend to offer a sophisticated look and offers the look of color for longer duration of time.
  • Daytime makeup tips also lay great emphasis on using the best face powder for your face according to your skin type. For example those with oily skin should use dry based foundations and powder so that it soaks up the secreted skin oils and protect your makeup from washing off – which will be a drastic sight during the day.
  • Maintaining equilibrium in the use of shine and gloss is one of the must-to-follow daytime makeup tips which means that if you’re using gloss or shine on the eyes-don’t use it on the lips vice versa because that will offer an exaggerated look that will dominate all the other effort and not be pleasing.



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