New Hair Trends 2014


New hair trends 2014 are definitely the prime interest of everyone right now  and with the new fashion year almost on the verge of starting – trends have already been spilt out on the ramps to allow you the time to mold into the upcoming trendy looks. Unlike the current hair fashion trends the New hair trends 2014 have deviated on a slightly different code of presentation which has inclined from the lively and rich colored looks of the passing trends to  more natural and causal looks.

Though the use of color trends such as streaking and highlighting is there; yet the hottest and most popular trends of the upcoming hair trends have a handful of looks that mark the difference of the new fashion fall by adhering to more natural looks that make use of normal hair texture rather than going for the sleek. Some of the hottest and  trendy hairstyle looks that  will be the looks of the year have been related for you to choose what will be.

Wet Hair Trend 2014

The wet look is one of the most dominant New hair trends 2014 that has been put to a good display by fashion models everywhere. This wet look can be carried either in the causal messy and loose look or in a slick style. Having the top hair in the wet look for a better and neat impact of appeal, you can leave the rest of the hair length to sway about or tie it up in a loose low ponytail that is accessorized with a small hair clip or fancy pin.

Loose hairstyles are another very hot trend in the new hair trends of 2014 which like the current trends have so many classy looks in the messy and loose styles. The classic retro loose ponytails with hair accessories, loose buns, ponytails etc all have numerous styles to make it convenient for you in hassle free looks.

Latest Hair Trend

Uneven edgy cuts are the traits of the latest upcoming short hairstyles 2014 which tend to incline towards creativity through difference in lengths with some of the hottest short hairstyles being the undercuts, choppy, razor, edgy and pixie hairstyles.  The short bob is also out in a new and modified form in the slanting bob style which has  a diagonal cut starting from a short fringe to a longer length at the finishing. The use of light hair shades such as light blonde tones are the ultimate colors that are the appeal determining factors of these short length styles.

Slick hairstyles in the medium and high ponytail have been quite a hue and cry on the fashion ramps  which tend to be some of the best formal looks for office going ladies and also a smart and neat way to be trendy  for teenagers.

Hair Trend 2014

Wavy hair texture is another very hot style in the New hair trends 2014 which have numerous ways of style tampering to give you the discretion of practicing new looks every day. The side swept wavy hairstyles are some of the very nostalgic looks in the hair fashion which in the wavy texture great retro styles which when accessorized with large floral hair  accessories offer some of the best  formal hairstyles fit for the prom, homecoming , weddings and even the red carpets.

Side hairstyles also continue to secure their strong ranking in the list of popular hair trends with the curly, straight and wavy side hairstyles adorned with hair garnishing offer some very simple styles which are perfect for the summer and spring look and also all types of formal needs. So make sure you find the most complementing New hair trends 2014 that will really play up your looks in a manner that is inspiring and worth bringing about the difference in your personality.




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