New Trends of Celebrity Fashion 2014


When it comes to knowing about what really is the talk of the town in women’s fashion then there is no other greater source of getting hold of the hottest style trends than through an updated account of the celebrity fashion.

Apart from just offering loads and loads of new clothing and accessory trends they are also very informative about letting you know of the indefinite ways to pair up combinations for the latest looks of personality and appeal.  Since the new fashion fall is almost on the verge of starting therefore; the hottest Celebrity fashion 2014 trends are really under view by all alike to get hold of what can really make it matter when its about looks and impressions that are rousing and appealing to all.

Celebrity Fashion Trend 2014

Celebrity fashion trends 2014

 Having retained the strong inclination for a bold look with the semi nude dresses being in vogue even in the next fashion fall. However; grace of new designs and styles is there to offer and add more to the already lovely stock. The use of net and lace tops is one of the highlights of the bold celebrity fashion dress trends to spark off glimpses of the body from the front and back. Many long and short outfits in sleeveless and sleeved styles will be some of the stunners in gatherings. For more attractive  fashion trends 2014  the use of shiny fabrics such as silk and other lustrous materials is all the rage in the printed celebrity outfits.

In comparison to the vibrant print variety of the passing fashion year; the liveliness in enhanced through the use of the rich shiny fabrics for a deeper impact of color; which will be a good way to be noticed even more during night events and functions. Leather outfits in the tight button coat, skirt and dress designs are some of the very fabulous trends that will be the grace of the young celebrity fashion and for the young adults. The numerous sober shades are what enhance the appeal even more.

Celebrity Fashion Trends

Celebrity fashion trends 2014 is an amalgamation of the fads in women’s fashion that have been practiced in the perpetual cycle of styles from different fashion genres. The current year has a lot of traits 0f the past trends with the retro, vintage and loose dress trends in the women’s fashion  being some of the very popular celebrity styles. The upcoming year has now a more modern outlook of outfits which include fitted clothing; which is  yet back again after  months long trend of loose dressing. Complementing the modern inclination of enhancing the appeal of the feminine body, the trend of the fitted outfits will be a stunning trait to look out for with fabulous designs in the long maxi dresses and short styled celebrity fashion.

New Celebrity Fashion Trends

Richness of color will greatly be influencing the presentation of the celebrity fashion outfits while a strong inclination towards darker and richer shades such as deep red, royal blue, emerald, black, gray , white etc being some of the gorgeous shades that will make the red carpet looks of the stars superb. The A-line, thigh slit, one shoulder, strapless etc whatever style you go for will be tight and smart.

Creative and artistic short coat styles are a hot trend in the Celebrity fashion trends 2014 with the curve, round styled fur coats being some of the classy variety that will pair up well with tea-length fancy hem skirts for the perfect smart winter look. Long fashion boots, fur handbags, fashion scarves etc will be some of the fashion accessories really prominent in the celebrity getups. What more will make them shine out as the hottest looks are the hairstyles and makeup techniques.


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