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Adornment is the inevitable part of the wedding getup to look good but it is no longer the sole right of brides to charm up with fashion accessories. The awareness of accessorizing has gained deep roots in the latest trends for the groom as well- especially the eastern ones. In fact groom accessories are some of the hottest trend for Asian grooms too- in particular the Pakistani groom.  Pairing up not only watches, chains and bracelets, they now have much more added to the groom’s list of’ the full wedding look’.

 Hottest Groom Accessories – Trends & Styles

 Turban this is one way to get that attention when you make your appearance as a groom. The trend of the turban or kulla is a common mode of accessorizing by the modern groom who simply pair up this fashion trinket with a fancy open collar or ban styled sherwani.  Gracing up the look of the groom with the traditional Asian impression, it is indeed something that deserves attention. Pairing up with the sherwani and churi dar pajama, it’s a very mod way to adorn the manly wedding getup.

 Khusa shoe styles have swung into popularity on a massive scale. The fancy styles pair up well with the traditional shalwar kamez and sherwani dresses of grooms. The latest collection has the simple blunt style with tilla work, pointed styles and the curled toe styles to suit different tastes. Every design of these groom accessories offers a diverse look.

Groom Accessories

Fancy cufflinks are a unanimous trend in the groom accessories both on the eastern and western side. For formal suits, there are multi shaded crystal styles which add a contrasting touch of color to the formal wear and make it a factor of attention. Nevertheless, the trend of metallic fancy cufflinks in inscribed, imaged and logo designs are quite ‘in’ these days.

Shawl / dupatta are some of the widely used Pakistani Groom Accessories which enhance the eastern appeal of the men. There is a massive variety ranging from the simple plain fabric to the more rich ones having metallic fancy work. For those who wish to pair these fashion groom accessories with the detailed sherwani, there is a very detailed style of kat dana and beaded shawls too.

Brooches are some of the very classy fashion trinkets when it comes to men’s formal getup. Unlike the western trends for groom in brooch designs, which are inclined towards flora, patriotic and inspired themes, the eastern Pakistani groom accessories and trinkets in the brooch variety have pattern metallic and crystal medium sized brooches which are not only set on the pocket area of the sherwani but are also commonly pinned on the truban/ kulla for making its presence more prominent. Just a handful of these classy trending groom accessories tend to enliven the image of the Pakistani groom that complements his ‘couple look’ with the bride.



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