High Heel Wedding Shoe Styles


Wedding shoe styles come in some of the most elegant designs which grace up the footwear of brides, bridesmaid and other guests; making their appearance end in the trendiest way fashion can offer.

The latest trends in the wedding fashion have now dished out some very classy and creative fancy wedding shoe styles in high heels that add not only height but also a perky look of the footwear which can really be a charming sight with the   . Some of the fancy wedding shoe styles in high heels that instantly catch the eye include the following trendy concepts of designs.


Net & Rhinestone is one of the popular modern designs when it comes to the Wedding shoe styles in high heels. What makes them some of the popular choices of all are the numerous ways of adorning and patterning of the rhinestones on the net fabric. Some styles have the embellishment of the rhinestones on the ankle lining while others have a random place of styling.

Latest Wedding Shoe styles

Apart from the earlier white and silver styles, the gorgeous variety of these sparkle wedding  shoe styles in high heels have net fabrics in vibrant and more fiercer colors like red, royal blue and black which enhance the presence of the gems and rhinestones all the more. Many Wedding shoe styles that make use of these rhinestone also have patterned designing of print images  embedded on rich leather fabric to give the modern wedding looks a very ravishing appeal of colors.

Wedding Shoe Styles 2014

Cutout ankle boot styles are the charmers when it comes to classy modern Wedding shoe styles. Offering a very innovative trend that has  a great amount of appeal, there is an array of geometric cutout patterns that offer glimpses of the feet and flatter up the look. These styles are ideal for the young wedding participants and pair up well with the short wedding dresses.

Twirling strap can be the choice for those who pursue a true elegant look to go with the wedding attire. Offering a very delicate touch of slim straps that twirl up till calve length, these styles have amazing an amazing appeal without any touch of adornment. The design  alone is gracefully appealing and they are out in an array of cool pastel shades and also some sizzling varieties to suit every taste and need.

  Floral adorned Bridal shoe styles in high heels offer some of the very delicate styles for the wedding footwear. Carrying large net and lace floral attachments either on the toe area, side or the long heel, these Wedding shoe styles  are spectacular when it comes to presentation. They complement women of all ages.

Chandelier fancy designs are some of the evergreen trends in the wedding shoe styles which are usually the first appeal to the eyes when you want gorgeous footwear for the wedding look. Exhibiting  an uneven strap effect that is adorned with  gems or  bead. It gives the brides and other wedding guests a factor of appeal that is noticed with every step taken forward.




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