Significance of Self Awareness


Personality development is governed and formed by a package of significant sets of habits, character traits, thought, action and perception; which greatly influence our being as it is. Self awareness is one character trait  out of the numerous positive personality features which means introspecting ones oneself to root out the actual values, needs, emotions, weaknesses and strengths hidden inside; of which we may or may not be aware of. It is the edifice on which we can truly identify not only our real self but open up vistas for self improvement, professional development and personal growth.

In the hectic rush hours of life, one hardly may get the time to think about their standing and value in their social circle of life nor may be interested in it and getting a critical feedback from others is neither always sweet nor welcome. The essential thing about  individuals is that they should be their own critics and  try to know their strong points and rectify whatever flaw they have without feeling ashamed or disinclined to admit it. Self awareness as a positive personality trait  has a very constructive  impact upon your life and achievements which is why it becomes imperative to let you know of how it can affect your life, behavior and approach.

Self Awareness

Importance of self awareness

  • It is the best practical character traits that leads to self identity through which you can strive to be a better person without letting your weaknesses be an open secret.
  • Self awareness is a great channel of improving ones judgment by being crude and positively critical towards values as they are and as they ought to be. It is the best and most effective way to self-correction and honing a positive personality free of flaws.
  • It serves as the grounds of inspiration for wanting to bring about a positive change in you by initializing the willingness to overcome the  flaws you have.
  • Realizing your talent and skills you can hone them further for achieving materialistic, social and personal gains. Such character traits are vital for good personality development.
  •  A great way to cope with stress when you know where you stand, what the root of problem is by acknowledging it to be wrong and admitting that it needs correction.
  • Knowing where you stand makes you stand in a better position of setting higher goals and aims in life for the betterment.
  • It allows you to pin down your hidden qualities and caliber and greatly helps you pick a professional field in accordance with your ability and talent.
  • Admitting the shortcomings and being satisfied over the plus points is a character trait of a positive personality which  makes a person  safe from the shackles of ignorance; which shuts down all doors to development and perfection.
  • It increases the intuitive decision making.




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