Simple Beauty Tips for Teenagers


Makeup no doubt is for beauty enhancement; especially for mature ladies who with the passage of time and aging years tend to encounter numerous skin and facial issues which need concealing to look good. However; since teenagers are young and have better skin texture, they hardly need all that dabbing of heavy makeup. Nevertheless, to look good slight touches are essential, which is why here are a handful of beauty tips for teenagers to look good while retaining their naturally graceful glowing look.

Beauty without a good diet and proper skin care is nothing and absolutely meaningless. For teenagers, it certainly is the right age to have a good and balanced diet which includes rich vegetables and fruits for that natural tinge of good complexion and facial flawlessness. Cleansing and moisturizing are also essential and Other than that some of the handy Beauty Tips which young girls should adhere to are:

Limited makeup

A heavy dose of makeup is one of the greatest beauty blunders for young teenagers. Dark and heavy makeup using everything is for mature ladies and it simply tarnishes the innocent look of young girls- in other words forget the powders, foundations and heavy bases. for teenager the use of lipsticks lip gloss, lipsticks, mascara and eye liner are enough items to play up their looks for all needs.

Beauty Tips

Colored liners

The trend of colored eye liners is one of the flattering cosmetic products for yon teen girls. Translucent, luminous and glitter liners tend to be a modish replacement to the traditional black eye liner and flaunt a colorful look that blends in with summer and winter attires. With them you simply don’t need to focus on anything else.

Work on the eyes

The eyes are the best facial features to draw in attention. Since for teenagers ones of the best  beauty tips is to stay more natural, therefore, for a touch of flattering appeal work on those eyes.

Light makeup shades

Beauty without makeup may sound odd but for teenagers it is the most effective Beauty Tips that helps them retain an organic look which is the appeal of teen age. The trend of the organic look is in vogue in the latest beauty looks of cool pastels; therefore, make use of nude and natural shades like, peach, plum, tea pink etc which apart from adding a charm to your complexion also help you retain that innocent, cute and fresh look.

Facial massage

This is one of the best Beauty Tips for young girls to have a pink and plump health of the face. Frequent facial massages ensures good blood circulation and better skin development that plays a key role in the enhancing their natural beauty.

Steam baths

Though they may seem somewhat insignificant at this stage – they’re not. Making such beauty treatments a habit once a week help you ensure the best skin care measure that will help you stay free from facial menaces like pimples, acne and also add a natural glow to your look. Another one of the greatest beauty tips that goes along with facial steaming is to make use  of egg white, ice or cold water to close the pores.


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