Top 10 Beauty Benefits of Strawberries


The instant sight of strawberries is indeed tempting and triggers the taste buds to munch on these juicy tart styled rose family fruits.  However; not many are conversant with the fact that apart from satiating your hunger, strawberries are some of the best organic  products that offer numerous skin and beauty benefits. Affluent in essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants strawberries should be amongst your beauty boosting arsenal for all seasons.


You may have seen strawberry flavored beauty and skin care products in the market and the sole reason is their fabulous cleansing properties. Being a fecund source of vitamin C, having exfoliation properties, antioxidants etc they work wonders in ridding the skin of the facial impurities to give your clear and smooth skin texture. Salicylic acid is a potent nutrient in strawberries that facilitates the scraping off of dead skin cells locked up in the pores to give a fresh and cleaner layer of skin.

Beauty Benefits of Strawberry


The cleansing property of this wonder fruit tends to be a blessing for people who are frequently troubled by the outbreak of acne, pimples and blackheads. The deep reach removal of impurities from clogged facial pores provides a natural shield against the accumulation of sebum, dirt and debris  and thus; curtails the outbreak of pimples, acne and blackheads.


Making use of strawberries as face masks is one of the natural ways to get a beaming facial radiance all you require is to squeeze out its juice and apply it on the face with a cotton ball. Leave on for at least 15 minutes and then wash off with luke warm water and enjoy a better and radiant skin texture.


The skin is highly vulnerable to sun damage and menaces like pigmentation, freckling, discoloring of the complexion etc are some of the common beauty woes that arise particularly in summer. Strawberries tend to be rich in ellagic acid which is one of the highly effective natural ingredients that combats the devastation caused by ultraviolet rays. It readily lowers the pace of melanin synthesis and treats skin darkening and pigmentation to give you lighter and clearer facial complexion.

Strawberry for Skin Care


A smooth skin texture is indeed a great asset when it comes to analyzing in terms of natural beauty of the face. However; the daily wear and tear of the skin texture due to one reason or the other tend to make it rough and coarse and the look is certainly not desirable.  With strawberries you can provide a shield of protection that helps revive and retain a smooth and well toned out skin. Vitamin C in strawberries tends to greatly assist in the production of collagen- the main compound responsible for firm and elastic skin and helps to repair skin tissues and promotes in its development.


Hair fall and hair thinning are some of the common hair issues which have greatly perturbed men and women. Strawberries are some of the very best natural options to cure and prevent hair thinning. Being rich in nutrients that are vital for hair growth and development like;  Vitamin B5, B6 along with folic acid; strawberries  fortify the hair shafts and roots and facilitate stronger hair.


Snowfall is indeed a great sight but only when it’s pertaining to the climatic scenario outside because when it comes to snowfall on your shoulders due to dandruff, the result is often embarrassment and inconvenience. You can make use of these tart shaped fruits in the form of hair masks to provide a fecund dose of essentials required to condition the scalp, eradicate fungal traces and enhance better circulation and development.


One of the best hair care measures to have hydrated and healthy looking hair is to apply a hair mask made of strawberries. Mash up some strawberries and mix it up with an egg yolk and apply the mixture on to your scalp and hair. The antioxidant properties and conditioning effects of the egg will offer a combined action effect that not only lock in the natural moisture but also boost the shine and manageability of the hair strands. It’s a great product for people with dry and rough hair.


You can treat and prevent scalp infections caused due to fungal reasons with strawberries.  Affluent in minerals like copper, manganese and dicarboxylic acid, it tends to makeup certain complex pair ups that effectively curtail and inhibit the growth of fungal infections.


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