Milan Beauty Trends 2015 – The New Additions


 With a lot to see, admire and try out, the Milan fashion week had  all eyes dead set on the incoming transitional beauty trends 2015 that are to be the new flavors of the season.

It was one of the  events to look up to for some catchy and wearable trends which had a great deal to evince  and predict about the new  additions which indeed  offered  a great deal of contrast to the current eccentric and wild mayhem in beauty. Along with some of the top trends of the current year, here’s what the beauty trends 2015 had to add.

Fashion Beauty Trends 2015


Coming back to square one, looks of simplicity were some of the reigning beauty trends 2015 which were expressive and once again ruling the arena   with a semi nude touch of the lips and eyes. Casting aside the audacious look of pulsating lipsticks and powders, the overall effortless and meek touch was one of the absolute charmers that provided the models with a refreshing natural grace. The dramatic defining of the eye with loud expressions of bold hues was indeed subtle and limitedly displayed.

Simple Beauty Trends 2015


Retaining the charm of the innate look, the use of golden shimmer on the eyes with bronzers on  the cheeks was a dose enough o suffice an adorable look with a plunging neckline short dress. Giving no other  color to look at, this golden and crispy look with  honey-brown hair was a fabulous  style trend  which despite not much had all the reasons to be noticed and admired.

Fresh Beauty Trends 2015


One thing that pounded the heart was the sight of dark and heavy thick brows. Whether they were overgrown or deliberately styled-out, this untamed outlook was a thing quite common on the Milan fashion floor which tends to take the attention away from the eyes and makes it fiercely conspicuous a bit above.


Standing out as something totally new and exciting in the parcel of simple beauty trends 2015 was the blooming shade of white nail polish on the fingers.  The posing of the hands on the face offered a very enlivening charm of white which was carried not only in  full  polishing but also used inventively  in different nail art designs of white.

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One of the hit eye catching beauty trends 2015  was the classic pair up of flaming  looks in hairstyles and makeup with both unanimously displaying the legendary grace of  Deep red. Being elegantly expressive with hair ornaments like the dramatic floral attachments a dose of red lipstick was a hot choice for the upcoming fashion year 2015 -only this time round the emphasis is not on loud and bold makeup shades but the fashion trinkets that serve as  an icing sugar.

Beauty Trends 2015


Giving an oversized look to the upcoming hairstyles 2015 was a fabulous and vivacious collection of large hair trinkets which gave some of the styles a reason worth looking at. Fashion scarves in fancy and staged designing in the bow style, ruched cap style etc were some of the highlights of the trends which had some sophisticated and some chirpy items to dish out.


One thing that was instantly clicked as the models made their way on the ramp was the clean and natural look of the eyes.  Defining the lashes with a simple dose of mascara was indeed a striking change from this year’s fierce and highlighting   eye makeup trends like the double lining, tip off and cat’s eye. Complimenting this simple look of the eyes was a similar dabbing on of shades on the cheeks with subtle and refreshing colors like peach.

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Some of the sweetest beauty trends 2015 offering novelty and elegance were the different shades of pink ranging from the meek and soft baby pink to the more shocking pink lips.  It was a gorgeous pair up with the light toned  flaxen hairstyles  and indeed one of the most complimenting combinations of hair and makeup. 

These were some of the limited beauty trends 2015 handpicked on the basis of the difference they provide in contrast to what’s all the hype currently. So take up what inspires you!


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