Top Winter Fashion Trends 2014 for Women


The New York fashion show has always been my inspiration of knowing what hot style news and trends rank top  of the mainstream. For winter this season, I really was in pursuit of knowing what great change would be the new look of the Winter Fashion Trends 2014 that I could add to my new makeover for the changing season. So here’s a list of my top and most inspiring fads seen catwalked  on the ramps of new York for women that can be cool additions  to your wardrobe too.

Giving the street style look a more refined and inspiring presentation, the New York fashion week had some really perky style news to add to the latest menu of what the Winter Fashion Trends 2014 is about. The black fashion trend was a delight to see with some classy warrior and western inspired fashion outfits ruling the platform. This rough and tough impression had some sassy short  and mini fashion dresses such as leather dresses with metallic fancy works; what more I noticed was that top fashion designers had their own new versions of the same Inspired theme. One the one hand the Winter Fashion Trends 2014 in this collection had metallic works, while designers like Nicole dished out embroidered short fashion outfits in gladiator styles.

Others simply made use of leather belts and other fashion accessories to simmer up a  warrior  impression. What more was quite inspiring on the New York fashion runway was the printed plaids, printed fashion scarves, luxe fur, the textured sweaters having multi-colored effects with some outshining in the single vibrant block color. The unraveled winter fashion trend 2014 package was in fact a delight see and it offered many new and stylish outfits that can really add a difference to the monotonous look I’ve been treading on.

Women's Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion Trends 2014 Accessories

When pinning down the top accessories which were true charmers on the New York fashion runaway, I was deeply caught by the catchy look of capes. They can in fact be your next hot look in fashion trinkets for a classy and perky image. What was amazing about these lovely collections of  Winter Fashion Trends 2014 in accessories was their limitless display of short and chic flap styled capes to pair up with a leggy  short dress and even some rich and elite ankle length animal fur open and flap styled capes.

As expected, the handbags were some of the style escorts of the women’s Winter Fashion Trends 2014   that could not be missed out on and had some classy new  large leather styles and cute little studded back packs for the quick spree out in the market.  Fashion designers have given the fashion boots a new version of the slouchy touch which I think will really perk up the street style look in the fabulous manner. What more,  the charm of the dramatic hats paired up well with the western inspired winter fashion trends 2014 for women. It’s all a package of perky trends that will be a good change to adapt to this winter.


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