Unprofessional Attitude – A Serious call for Self Improvement


Civility revolves around self and social awareness of environment and decorum which tend to guide a person of how to behave. However; those who remain indifferent to such awareness end up on the wrong side of social etiquettes and earn themselves disrespect; which can be very stressful at jobsites and working environments in the long term. Bad Habits such as the ones mentioned below have negative impacts on not only the personality but also on a persons chances and scores of success in terms of relations and materialistic gains.

A professional environment is governed by set of decorum pertaining to environment, tasks and behavior. It’s a place where positive actions and behavior traits such as respect, courtesy, tolerance, rational approach and seriousness determine your level of civility. However, anything contrary to these demands comes under what we call as Bad Habits  and unprofessional mind-set. Uncivil behavior includes the below mentioned handful of the most significant and dire unprofessional attitude traits which alarmingly call for self improvement.

Unprofessional Attitude


  • Intimidating co-workers and juniors for the sake of lowering their voice against reporting of violations, mismanagement or for any specific forced-favor is a highly unprofessional attitude which tends to cut down your likes and links in the office. Its one of the Bad Habits which seriously injures the reputation.
  • harassment of female co-workers is one of the very deplorable attitudes of men who take advantage through seniority or simply take pleasure in vulgar and flirty actions. Such Bad Habits tend to create environmental disturbance and are a cause of great inconvenience and insecurity.
  • Bribery is one of the common practices at jobsites where money talks. It is granting of unauthorized access, undeserving and undue favors to people who secretly pay money.
  • Deliberate ignoring of other peoples interests, opinions and presence is a sign of arrogance and common amongst people at work.
  • Irresponsible & careless attitude in attending to emails, phone calls, complaints and orders and delaying immediate action is a violation of the actual reason you are there for.
  • Arrogant tone is one of the worst signs of Bad Habits  termed as unprofessionalism in the profession field. It greatly leads to hatred of all those who are a victim of your harsh and impolite language and tone. Interactions. Whether you are unaware or do it deliberately, arrogance negates success at all levels and creates gap between workers.
  • Sabotaging the benefits and efforts of the company or co-workers by not informing at the right time or hiding notifications of incentives and benefits of someone else or deliberately delaying something so that it does not happen is the height of unprofessional attitude which circles around greed. 
  • Offensive language  is a set of Bad Habits which involves verbal abuse through crude, harsh and foul language. It not only casts a bad impression but such unprofessional attitude  evinces your background.
  • Gossiping is the trait of idle and lazy people which is uncivil and promotes channels of instigation and propaganda of one person against the other.
  • Discrimination between subordinates and co-workers on the basis of race, color, status and physical appearance is an unhealthy form of bad habits which blocks channels of social interaction and stagnates efforts of inter-racial , religious and cultural globalization.
  • Threatening behavior  is a common unprofessional attitude of those in seniority whereby they threaten the sub-ordinates and bully them around.
  • Disobedience in carrying out orders of seniors or disagreeing with fellow co-workers is very unethical.


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