Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair


One of the hottest hair trends  in the contemporary fashion is that of the wavy hairstyles for long hair which even in the simple untied look have  the grace of appeal that needs no other endorsement to make it worth the attention. They are some of the best formal hairstyles for long hair  which are absolutely hassle free and despite the similarity of the waves; playing around with different hair shades marks the diversity of outlooks of the wavy hairstyles 2014 even more unique and fresh. Easy to style and highly convenient with respect to management; they suit and complement every face structure and age. Catering to the casual and formal needs of women; they are absolutely hot in trend and creative in outlook.

  Colored Wavy Hairstyles  -Color is the punch line in the latest hair trends for  bringing about different looks of the wave effect. For the hottest and most seductive formal looks for events like the prom, dates and homecoming events the different shades of blonde are the best options. The benefits of the use of blonde colors is that every shade tends to give  a new look to the hair. For a cute and elegant princess look the light blonde pinned up wavy hairstyles  2014 are the best; while those who seek a hot and sexy look, the golden blonde is the most apposite color hair trends  to make you noticed.

Wavy Hairstyles 2014

Some of the best looks in the streaked hairstyles 2014 are also from the wavy styles with examples of many celebrities being before us. The double shades of blonde too pair up well for a smart and catchy effect of color.  Using dark shades in streaking such as of black and deep rose red make you fierce and stunning with great looks of gothic hairstyles 2014 impressions.

Dip dyed Wavy hairstyles are again a group of some very lovely hairstyles which has given young women a look worth admiring. Using hair trends such as the colored effects in the lower lengths of the hair; you can stand out in gatherings with a tinge of appeal that is truly amazing. For teenagers this technique of color addition can be all the more playful by using highlighted shades such as pink, purple, blue for a free street style fashion look.

Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles also offer a messy look at times and this tousled look makes it come under the messy hairstyles which is yet another hot trend in hairstyling. This look is one of the most iconic celebrity styles carried by Kristen Stewart which evinces how convenient it is to manage the wavy style. The side styled wavy hairstyles are some other very classic retro styles in the modern version which have given some hot looks to celebrities. In summers this can be one of the  most simple hairstyles for long hair that can also be accessorized well with large hair accessories. The appeal and grace of this adorned look of the wavy hairstyles accounts for the reason why they are used as some of the best wedding hairstyles. Making use of the waves is really a good way to effortlessly stay styled up in all seasons and for all occasions.


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