Yoga Exercises & Poses for Increasing Height


Grace of a personality definitely lies in a good height above average measurements and be it men or women a short height is a great blow to your physical appeal.  Though it is something that rests on your hereditary, there are ways to have height increase. For results people mostly and hastily resort to the use of medicines to grow taller; yet there is a cost free channel to raise yourself up a bit with certain Yoga exercises  and poses which have effective results on your physique and result in height increase.

Yoga exercises and poses  affect your height indirectly by guiding you towards body postures which basically balance and correct your stance, promote suppleness and body flexibility range  and miraculously can help you have up to a few inches increase in height. Some of the yoga exercises poses to try out for body development to grow taller are mentioned below.

Yoga Mountain Pose

Mountain yoga pose

1. Stand erect and at ease while keeping both your feet close together with your hands placed by your sides.

2. Clutch your fist in a clasped manner and take in a deep breath while simultaneously aiming to give your spine a full stretch with the head held high.

3. Slowly try to lift yourself from the heels and bring all your weight on your to your toes and Raise your arms high as much as possible joining them at the top.

4. Stretch your entire body for a few seconds and ten exhale while returning back to your normal and relaxed standing position.

5. Repeat this exercise of the yoga pose several times on daily basis and witness yourself grow taller.

Yoga Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangle

This is one yoga exercise which greatly contributes to height increase, strengthening the back and balancing the body stance.

1. Stand with your legs parted and stretched as far as possible in a paralleled position of the feet with each other.

2. Raise both your hands up high in alignment with your shoulders.

3. Rotate your upper body ( torso) towards the right side and try to touch your right foot with your left hand fingers.

4. Hold this position for half a minute and come back to the initial stretched legged position.

5. Repeat this in the other direction by rotating left and touching the left foot with the right hand finger tips.

Hand to foot yoga pose

This yoga exercise fully stretches the spine, legs muscles and arms which with incessant practice lead to height increase and also fortify the body through frequent stretching. It involves a few simple steps:

1. Stand straight with your feet close together.

2. Taking in a deep breath bend your body downwards slowly so that you aim for the ground.

3. Try to place the palm of your hands next to your feet by placing them straight against the ground and hold your position for a few seconds.

4.  Exhale and revert back to initial standing position. Repeat several times.

Yoga Center Pose

Center yoga pose

This is the prime yoga pose which is the base of all other practices of yoga exercises. Here’s how to simply do it in a few steps to grow taller.

1. Sit down on the ground or a mat with your legs crossed.

2. Clinching your middle finger and thumb together place each hand in an upright position on your knees.

3. Bring your spine in an erect and aligned manner with your held upright and eyes closed for the purpose of relaxation.

4. Take in a deep breath and raise the arms head above as much as possible and join them in a center point above the head.

5. Stay in this posture for a few seconds and exhale; while simultaneously bring down the arms in the earlier position.  Feel relaxed and repeat up to 8 times daily and it will eventually promote height increase.

Sun salutation poses

This is the centuries old package of yoga exercises to grow taller which has up to 12 poses that greatly increase the body’s flexibility, strengthen body muscles, promote health and fitness and is a great way to increase height.

1. Foremost standing straight in front of the sun with feet close together, bring your palms up to the position of the ears and join the palms of your hands  in front of your face.

2. Inhale deeply and raise your arms up above the head.

3. Exhale slowly while simultaneously bending forward to touch the ground with your feet in such a way that your head touches your knees.

4.  Slowly change posture and bend down taking one leg full back with the other still bent at the front. Take the head back as much as possible and stay in that posture for a while.

5. Resting the palms of your hands on the feet, raise your posture as high as you can.



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