Braided Hairstyles 2014 for Long Hair


The trend of braids has once again geared in to popularity in the latest charts of hairstyles 2014  and the best thing about the latest braided styles is that they have  mashed up and merged the hottest trends to extend their scope of style variation. The impact of color greatly influences the appeal of the braided hairstyles 2014 with the blonde hair colors being best for a flirty and sexy look that offers gorgeous looks to young females and can be good options for the proms, homecoming, weddings and official styles.

The use of red hair shades is another color which tends to offer best results in the braids  and makes the artistic appeal of these hairstyles all the more discernible. Their appeal is so creative and graceful that they are an undeniable part of the formal hairstyles for long hair which are effortlessly stylish for young adults and teenagers.

Braaided Hairstyle 2014

Braided hairstyles 2014 starting from the simple braid styles; have the half pinned up braid and the side braid hairstyles as the most easy looks to carry but despite the very simple outlook they happen to be some of the most in vogue styles. Perfect for young teenagers they are some of the simple hairstyles for long hair which can offer princess type innocent outlooks for weddings and  proms. The crown braid is another way to be catchy; with creativity of the braid an instant factor that comes in sight. You can enhance the appeal of these crowned styles by giving you hair textured looks with the streaked hairstyles to give a double twist of color fusion in the style.

                    Braided Hairstyles

 Braided hairstyles 2014 have a great inclination towards the loose and messy hairstyles and the braids are no exception. In fact the messy and loose braided hairstyles are some of the hottest celebrity hairstyles which have been carried to the red carpets and other public events with great confidence. Since the styles are loose; you don’t have to worry about their maintenance  as all the flyways are a part and parcel of the hairstyles 2014.

The more intricate and complex herringbone and fishtail braided hairstyles 2014  are the best styles in the messy and disheveled styles. Though updo styles are nothing new; yet they reign as some of the hottest styles in the form of the Curly braided updo’s, side braid updo’s and the low vintage braided buns. Adorning the with hair accessories  is another new hair trend that tends to make your formal look even more attractive and appealing at proms, homecoming and weddings.








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