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When summer bounces in there many things you have to take in to consideration when it comes to makeup application such as the sweat and intensity of light and heat. These are factors that tend to accentuate the facial problems like pigmentation all the more and even lead to smudgy wipe offs. So when it comes to the Summer makeup tips, you have try out some tricks that will help you stay beautifully colored up.

So here are some of the summer makeup tips recommended by makeup artists for the season.

Summer Makeup

Stay original

Daytime summer makeup tips are some of the good guides for the hot season. During the day, the intense light tends to make everything ever so much more prominent. Even the slightest shade of a blush on will be glaringly noticeable- leave aside the dark and heavy shades which will  really flatter you up ridiculously. So stay a bit natural and go for  semi nude and soft shades of blushons like peach tea pink etc.  For a catchy and chic look without overdoing it with colors, you can make use of lips glosses which are also now out in the market in soft flavored colors. It’s a good alternate to lipsticks and a perfect makeup tip for young girls.

High definition concealers

Since its best to go naked in beauty looks during the day for the freshest of looks, for your facial marks and ruptures you can use high definition concealers as they will be very handy in helping you look natural and flawless .  However, if you do not want to stay too much organic then make use of tinted moisturizers that can help you look radiant with soft shades.sh touch,

 Pastel shades

How many things offer you a feeling of freshness in summer? Well the soft pallet of pastel shades are all the hype in the latest beauty trends and some of the most flattering summer makeup tips for women of all ages offering a soft and spanking new charm to the looks that complements  beauty looks for all events with a light tropical exotic mode of colors.

Bronze undertones

Summer makeup tips are a package of tricks that help you cover more flaws and gain more beauty. So Yes, for summer you must have a slight shimmer bronze undertone if you want to avail this double advantage.  It can be a good replacement to your heavy foundation and offers light and glowing looks. Another great advantage of this bronze touch is that it tends to accentuate and complement the shades used on the face.

Brighten up your eyes

Well obliviously women will not want to stay extra-organic , so   makeup artist Troy Surrat  from his list of the best summer makeup tips asserts to dab on a bit of copper eye shadow over the eyelids for  a fresh and bright look of the eyes without too much sparkling looks.

Avoid heavy eye makeup

Less is always not bad and this is another one of the top  Summer makeup tips recommended by   beauticians – that is  to avoid dabbing on too much eye makeup with powders, lining, dramatic mascara and eye shadows. Define and grace up your eyes with catchy styles of eye liners and mascara which are in vogue these days as they will suffice the need for striking impact of the eyes- not to forget save your eye powders. Heavy applications will wipe off, smudge up your face and tarnish your whole effort to look good.

Go for matt texture

Summer makeup tips for the day ring alarms when it comes to choosing what lipstick texture you’re going to use.  To evade having smudges due to sweat and heat, it is always best to se matt lipsticks as they will offer longer lasting results.





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