Self Confidence Through Attitude and Attire


Self confidence is the edifice of a strong personality which tends to be the seed of all others strong factors which all together ripen in to a positive, inspiring and  mature individuality. Self confidence depends greatly upon exposure to environment, situations and social interactions. This basically means that since day one you must ensure that starting from the first day of school to your professional official meeting- make it a point to be active in participation and always aim at being at the front row.

Incessant exposure will offer you not only encouragement but also the confidence to be a strong personality through determinant and expressive will power. This is the healthy habit of developing speech power which is an instant appeal in a personality which is clicked by others within a second. You will be expressive and will possess the ability to  be heard and mark  and make your presence felt in gatherings throughout your life at all stages.

Self Confidence


Self analysis of weak points is one of the homework tasks your need to do on regular grounds because that will make you perfectly aware of where your fear and  flaws lie and what you need to brush up on for being a well composed and strong personality. Facing your fears and striving to overcome the shortcomings in your personality is the punch line of developing strong personality habits like self confidence.  Stop the habit of vacillating and learn to be  decisive as that is a good habit to take up because it makes you more confident about knowing what you want and will also open up new vistas of your imagination to chalk out future plans  and target your goals.

Another great advantage of being decisive is that it does not let others manipulate you with what they want or think but rather makes you know where you stand and what you want. This however; does not mean that you should become ignorant regarding what others think or say. Rather be wise and be welcoming and respect the opinions of others.  This is where humility comes in  as it  is one of the factors that tends to promote a positive and strong personality which tend to be grateful over its success and does not let the horrid anti-personality trait such as arrogance and over-confidence engulf your right step towards being a better person.

Don’t shy away from appreciating and emulating positive personality traits from others. For building self confidence ensure to leave space for development because this  is the  guarantee of a incessant trimming of your personal habits and attitudes which in the long run pay off and keep you a part of you society

Self confidence is not just about your strong personality attitude but a great deal about your attire too; which to a large extent accounts for the opinion others hold of you. Dressing  up smartly is one way to really  grab attention towards yourself and chalk out your style statement which is a significant part of your personality and contributes greatly in giving you the confidence about knowing ‘you’re good’. For this always choose  sober shades and avoid over accessorizing and always flow with the mood of the event .

Along with your appeal; a good body posture  instantly evinces towards the self confidence you have in you. A  hunched, distorted and lazy posture is the deadliest blow to your physical appeal that tarnishes the very concept of attraction you may have in you. Your stance and body language speak the silent language and definitely matters and it is always important to keep your head held relatively high with medium pace in a straight line rather than a shabby  and irregular walking style. Be straight forward and clear in your speech  as the speech power can win you the admiration of hundreds around  and really escalate your level of self confidence where you want to make your presence known as a strong personality. These self confidence building factors tend to hone a personality which tends to be strong, impressive , competent and definitely inspiring.


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